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78-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Graduates With Bachelor's Degree

When it comes to learning, some people love doing it so much that they continue their education for years to come.

Sometimes, life gets in the way and we aren't able to be on the same track as society wants, but when we want something bad enough, we can get it at any time.

Vivian Cunningham proves this to be true.

The 78-year-old great-grandmother recently graduated with her bachelor's degree from Samford University after 6 years of working towards her degree in liberal studies.

Previously, Cunningham spent 29-years working as a custodian and head of the mailroom.

She was employed with the Alabama Power Company before retiring in 1992.

After that, she went on to get her associate's degree. But, the great-grandmother wanted to keep going after that.

The graduate says that it's made her so happy to earn this degree.

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"I say follow your dreams, don't let anyone tell you it can't be done, keep pushing and keep God in the plan," she told TODAY.

She was also able to celebrate with her friends and family.

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"My friends have called and told me that it has motivated them. And some of the young ones in my family, too. They said if I can do it, they can do it," she said.

Congratulations to her!