20 People Who Failed Big Time

This planet is full of so many ingenious people who dedicate their life to making the world a better place. However, there are also some people who are something of the opposite of this.

So, from people who really need to learn what a cat is to individuals who don't understand braille, here are 18+ people who aren't the sharpest tool in the shed!

"Placed the bench, boss."

The view from this bench looks absolutely divine. Nothing like eating your lunch while staring at a grey concrete wall to brighten up your day.

"Ah! The mighty cool dcuk!"

At least they spelled it right on the packaging...which is something I guess? It's a pretty faint silver lining though!

"They tried their best to have a selfie with Mona Lisa."

Plenty of people have a photograph of the Mona Lisa, but nowhere near as many people have a photo of that woman's hand!

"I put up the ad boss"

I guess that the reflection of the bird made this a little too confusing for the poor guy putting it up!

"Ah yes, I must be a zombie to be filling out this insurance application."

Look, zombies need to be able to get proper insurance as well! Don't be so discriminatory!

"Yoga mat is unintentionally pessimistic..."

"I think there is something wrong with your mat..."

"Nope, that's what it is meant to say."

"Oh, how...lovely!"

"It's not meant to be lovely!"

"I was waiting for a dentist appointment and I noticed the floor."

It took me a while to spot the mistake, but once you spot it you cannot see anything else!

"Just a coffee for me."

"Could I get the ice scream please?"

*Incoherent bellowing...

"The important thing is that it does not collapse!"

I couldn't live opposite this building. Imagine looking at this wonky monstrosity every day!

"Oh right, we also need it to say 'No Smoking' in Arabic..."

I suppose that they technically filled the brief! I can't imagine them getting much more work after this though!

Not Quite...

I like how Mr Diesel looks incredibly annoyed at this mistake as well. Also, calling him Mr Diesel makes him sound like a cartoon character.

"Well, Crap..."

They really didn't think this one through. Legend has it that they are still there to this day!

"These braille signs are flat..."

This is also quite important information as well, it's not like they're telling you where you can get a cheese sandwich or something else equally banal.

"Perhaps not the best way to lock a motorcycle..."

I guess that the very idea of a lock is enough to deter most criminals then?

Never Forget!

It looks like my history classes missed out a fair bit! I can't believe we never studied the other nine wars!

"They made an effort to lock this chain to a post."

"It's no good, it's locked."

"Well, just slip it over the top?"

"No, Dave, you didn't hear me, it's locked."

"You really are the worst criminal of all time aren't you?"

"How hard is it to label pineapples correctly?"

I actually think that the name "personal watermelon" is miles better than "pineapple"!

"There was an attempt to make a loving frame..."

This dog even looks like it is having something of an identity crisis! It looks so baffled by life.

What A Bargain!

Inflation rates are no joke! What's worse is that by the time he got them to the cashier they were £10!