Expecting Couple's 'Sad' Reaction To Their Gender Reveal Goes Viral

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Many people today have gender reveals before the birth of a baby.

While not everyone agrees with the process and the decision to have these kinds of parties, more often we're seeing couples online celebrating the welcoming of a new baby.

Many parents have an idea of "which gender" they want.

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Many parents hope for a boy or a girl based on the couple and their "wants."

For example, if a couple already has a daughter, they sometimes want a son then.

Sometimes, when couples find out gender, they can be "disappointed."

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If a couple really wants a daughter and finds out they are having a son, they can sometimes be "disappointed" when they find out.

Over the past few years, more and more couples have started posting gender reveals on social media.

There's no wrong way to do it. This adorable family in the video below chose to fill a giant black balloon with either pink or blue balloons and pop it.

Others choose to be a little more elaborate in their reveal.

I've seen a lot of gender reveals, but I've never seen someone rig up the exhaust system of a supercar to emit blue/pink smoke.

As you can tell, this couple couldn't be happier over the news of having a boy.

But sometimes, it doesn't always go according to plan.

This dad-to-be takes one mighty cut but winds up striking out worse than Nolan Ryan. Luckily, the embarrassment is quickly replaced by unrequited joy!

But not every couple is always as pleased to find out the gender of their baby.

Recently, one TikTok video went viral after a couple showcased their true feelings.

Mom-to-be Marissa, TikTok user @prunty14, shared the photo of her "gender reveal" with her husband.

The couple had friends use silly string on white shirts.

The color would then change their white shirts into either blue or pink, revealing if they were expecting a girl or a boy.

As it turned out, they're having a boy.

When they uncovered their masks, they didn't look very happy at all.

In fact, they were disappointed in finding out they were having a boy.

Marissa clarified in the comments as to why.

The mom said that they "already have a boy" and this is their second son.

They are "still happy" but were disappointed in that one moment of finding out.

Many people online were divided over their reaction.

Some commented that they should be "grateful" to be able to have kids at all. Others said that this was "cringey."

Other women, however, related to the couple.

Some said that they totally understand, as they also experienced "gender disappointment," after having several sons or daughters.

However, one person said posting it was a bit "strange."

While some understood gender disappointment, one commenter asked why the couple would post it, stating "their son may see it one day."

Understandably, that wouldn't be the kindest video to have to watch.

Another expecting couple went through a similar feeling of disappointment.

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These two had tried time and time again to get pregnant but to no avail. Then, just when they were thinking of giving up, the happy couple received news that they were expecting triplets!

Both mom and dad had always dreamed about one day having a family of four.

The couple already shared a daughter together and it looked as if all of their dreams were about to come true. That is — until they found out the news about their babies' gender.

As it turns out, all three babies were girls!

This didn't sit well with the father-to-be. According to a Reddit post written by the mom, her husband said “I just wish you’d given me one boy, so I could do stuff with him.”

This made the mom absolutely furious.

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After much consideration, she decided that if her husband couldn't appreciate his daughters — then he didn't deserve to be there at the birth.

She reasoned that it was her choice as to who should and could be in the room.

What are your thoughts on "gender disappointment"? Is it wrong for parents to hope for a boy or a girl?

Should couples be grateful to have children or can you relate to wanting to see a smaller version of yourself in your child?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

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