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10+ Heartwarming Moments Of Kindness That'll Restore People's Faith in Humanity

There's no denying that life has been difficult lately.

In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been acts of hate, racism, and so much more.

But amongst all the darkness, there have been shining examples of light. Enter: these 10+ heartwarming moments of kindness that would restore anyone's faith in humanity.

Get out the tissues!

1. This father of the year who donated hand sanitizer with his daughter

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, hand sanitizer, much like toilet paper, was in short supply.

Instead of hoarding it like millions of others, this father and daughter kindly donated bottles to the elderly.

2. This group of crocheting seniors who gave back to the homeless

After watching a viral video about crocheting with plastic bags, Judy O’Brien brought the idea to her senior housing community.

Now, she along with a dozen women, crochet donated bags into water-resistant mats for homeless people.

3. This family who gave their neighbor free WiFi

"Our neighbour doesn't have Wi-Fi, so we talked her through joining ours," this Redditor wrote.

Their act of kindness helped her connect with family during the pandemic! "Once on she received 70 messages from her children living overseas."

4. This food drive for federal workers

While food drives are usually put into place to help the homeless, Orlando International Airport knew that their federal employees were in need during January's partial government shutdown.

As such, they organized a food and supplies drive to help their workers during this time.

5. This puppy reunion

Just try not to cry over this. In 2017, California animal control authorities seized 78 bulldogs from a backyard breeder in 2017.

There was a huge outpour of over 3000 people who wanted to adopt them.

A year later, those who adopted the animals reunited to celebrate the dogs' progress.

"One year ago the dogs had urine-soaked paws, no hair, and wounds everywhere," WAGS shelter manager Cortney Domey told the Orange County Register. "Look what a year of being loved does."

6. These barbers who gave free hair cuts to kids in need

Before most kids go back to school, they get a fresh haircut.

But since some are unable to afford such a luxury, 15 barbers gave free haircuts to kids at the sixth annual Kutz4Kids event last August in San Jose, California.

7. This boy who protected the ears of healthcare workers

After hearing about how facemasks strain frontline workers' ears all day, one boy set out to fix it.

Using his 3D printer, he created a bunch of "ear guards" to donate to them.

8. This window washer who played a covid-safe game with a young girl

Being stuck in the house all day can get pretty old pretty fast.

So when one girl wanted to play tic tac toe with a window washer, he happily obliged despite dangling in the air.

9. This gracious parking official

Not all parking officials are ruthless! Instead of charging this couple who was already having a terrible day, they took pity on them.

They even wrote them a sweet message back, wishing them the best of luck!

10. This neighbor who plowed everyone's snowy driveways

"Neighbor from way down the street snow blowed all of the driveways he could before people had to leave for work," this Redditor wrote, adding that they haven't even met the person.

11. This family who decided to give thanks to delivery drivers

Due to the pandemic, delivery people have been busier than ever lately.

To thank them for their hard work of delivering many packages, one family decided to leave out a treat for them.

12. This woman who was the first person to get the COVID-19 vaccine

By doing so, she was taking a huge risk to help others.

Now, you can think of her act of kindness whenever you go get your vaccine.

13. This family who made their grandma's quarantine birthday special

"Made this for my grandma because she is scared of leaving her apartment," wrote this Redditor.

This is a COVID-safe way to make her day and inspire other families to do the same.

14. This person who kept their lonely neighbor company

So precious! The elderly have sadly been hit the hardest during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to higher health risks, they have been more isolated than ever. So acts of kindness like this make all the difference!

15. This inventive grandson who made a user-friendly texting device for his grandmother

Software engineer Manuel Lucio Dallo's grandmother was having trouble using the phone due to her hearing problems.

He created his Yayagram device to solve just that.

It's a user-friendly device that sends out voice messages and prints out received answers.

She can even pick which grandchild to message with jack connector connected to each one. Adorable fun fact: it's named after "yaya," which means “granny” in Castilian.

16. This person who gave thanks to their neighbor whose a nurse

"My neighbor is a nurse, we dont talk much because our work schedules are so hectic, yesterday I noticed she looked really tired, she came home and left within the hour. I went to mow my grass and seen her grass was high so I mowed hers as well. This morning I seen this." - Redditor genesislaw1

17. A homeless man found a $10,000 check and found the real estate agent it was meant for.

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Touched by his kindness, the agent found him a place to live, paid his rent for 7 months, put him through real estate school, and now they run a foundation together.

18. These medics who went the extra mile to comfort patients

"These medics taped photos of themselves smiling on their PPE so frightened patients can see a reassuring and friendly face during this Coronavirus Pandemic," shared this Twitter user. This would be perfect for younger patients!

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