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Man Stunned To Discover Tiny Puffin All By Itself — Miles Away From Any Ocean

Imagine encountering an animal that's far from its home with no way to get back.

That's the situation an Englishman recently found himself in after he found a puffin — a sea bird — wandering around a country lane, far from its natural habitat.

The man put the puffin in a box.

Realizing that puffins aren't typically seen so far inland, the man carefully caught the little bird and put him into a box to be transported to the local RSPCA, who'd likely know what to do.

What happened to the bird?

It probably got lost and disoriented, flew inland a few miles from the coast, and then was unable to get back into the air.

Fortunately, the good judgment of the man who found the puffin and the expertise of the RSPCA combined to get the bird back home.

The little puffin wasn't hurt.

The bird certainly looked sad, but it's fortunate that it wasn't hurt — just confused.

It was a simple matter of getting the puffin back to the coast so it could take flight and go back to its usual habitat.

The puffin took off and returned to the sea.

After a little bit of hesitation, the bird took off from the handler's hands and went on its merry way.

It was certainly a job well done not just by the RSPCA, but by the kind man who found the little puffin.

h/t: RSPCA (England & Wales)

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