TikToker Praised For Confronting Men For Taking Photos Of Young Girls At Beach

When you go to the beach, you're looking forward to a day of fun in the sun — not someone taking photos of you without your permission.

Unfortunately, that's what two men did at Fort Myers Beach. Thankfully, one TikToker confronted these men for taking young photos of girls.

She deserves allll the praise she's been getting!

The town of Fort Myers in Florida is on high alert thanks to one brave TikToker.

@sabsmokessss' video starts with her going up to the two men and telling them that she had seen them take pictures of young girls at the beach.

She then tells them to delete all the pictures they took — including the ones of her.

When the man agrees, viewers saw the photos he had taken on his phone of beachgoers.

"Delete them," the TikToker screams as he tries to save some of the newer ones.

Within 17 hours, @sabsmokessss' video has over 400,000 views.

The TikToker has been praised online for her brave act of confronting those men.

"My respect for the girl recording," wrote one user.

"y'all are BOLD but it was well needed" added another.

She even posted two other videos that show her continuing to call out the men.

In part three, the men even flip her off after they were escorted out.

Check the other videos for yourself here!

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