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A Sweeping Hack Has Changed The Game Of Cleaning Forever

I think we can all agree that SWEEPING is the worst.

Sure, we get to feel like we're Cinderella and maybe our Prince is coming to rescue us. But on the downside, it's hella impossible to get all the dirt you just swept up into the dustpan.

Until now — thanks to one brilliant TikTok hack!

TikTok user @shimmyshim17 is here to change your sweeping game forever.

She recently introduced users to a life-changing hack that will ensure you never leave dirt behind while sweeping again. The best part is, it's so simple!

She simply wets one end of a paper towel (is there anything paper towel *can't* do?) and then places it down in front of the dirt she's about to sweep.

What happens next is soooo satisfying.

The wetness of the paper towel grabs onto all of the dirt, making it so it's easy to sweep.

She even leaves the paper towel on the ground and uses the clean end to wipe and give the area an extra clean.

Check out the video for yourself!

We're trying this ASAP. We must be in our late 20s if cleaning hacks make us so damn happy.

Do you have any life-changing hacks you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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