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16+ People Who Weren't Quite As Slick As They Thought

Although stealth is a skill with many applications, it's also a pretty hard one to master. What doesn't help is that it's surprisingly easy for us to think we snuck away from somewhere we didn't want to be, only to learn we were being watched all along.

After all, the only way we know for sure that our sneaky ways didn't pan out is when someone actually says something.

But if it's bad to be seen on a sneaking mission, it's even worse to be photographed. And everyone on this list has learned that lesson the hard way.

After all, this list wouldn't be possible if they had succeeded.

Since sneaking into the movies isn't the hardest task in the world, I can only wonder how this person was discovered.

Reddit | jeberly4

Unless a theater employee happened to be on Snapchat right at that moment, the only explanation I can think of is that the theater has assigned seats and someone else had the ticket to prove they actually belonged there.

Bad luck.

Call me crazy, but I think the one giving the sermon is going to notice this.

Reddit | ParkerPanda

As if the massive difference in size wasn't enough of a giveaway, that magazine cover definitely has some eye-catching colors.

Unfortunately, they'll catch the wrong eyes this time.

All of these people got caught shoplifting, but some of their excuses for it were more creative than others.

Reddit | phoenixreborn75

Personally, my favorite is whoever had the guts to claim they were the owner of the Whole Foods brand. What a power move.

This man seemed to think that nobody would question this oddly lumpy hairpiece.


Sure, that's normally none of our business, but considering that he was smuggling drugs under it and trying to get through airport security, there was no way that plan was working out.

Waldo almost got away, but he still stood out just a little too much.

Reddit | srfr310

And no, that's not him behind the man in the gray shirt. He's way in the back to the bottom right of that green exit sign.

Sadly, all that work to blend this hat in with woodland areas was for nothing.

Reddit | someoneiamnot

After all, the deer might not be able to figure out why part of a University of Alabama hat is peeking out of the trees, but it'll probably still be pretty spooked.

Not only did someone try the old "two people in a trench coat" trick, but it doesn't look like they did it as a joke.

Reddit | ranger_bot

Although everyone else is taking pictures of them and laughing, they're just standing stone faced in line like this is a totally normal sight.

They're definitely committed to their plan to pay half price at the movies.

Yes, I'm sure that everyone totally believes that these are work documents.

Reddit | RickFromTheParty

That might be a tried-and-true way to hide the "not safe for work" folder on a computer, but it leaves a little to be desired when trying to smuggle booze into the office.

This person posted this photo with the caption, "Nice try, wife."

Reddit | spemass

We may not be able to prove that the wife planted this foul-tasting ointment here purely so her spouse could mistake it for toothpaste, but it apparently didn't work all the same.

Sadly, covering up theft with even more theft wasn't as effective a strategy as it seemed.

Reddit | Largonaut

Dude was apparently really hoping that this store's staff deleted the footage they had of him for whatever reason.

I'm not sure what possessed him to think that would happen.

Obviously, somebody vastly underestimated how closely security people look at these wristbands.

Reddit | P0ultry970

In case anyone's tempted to try this trick for themselves, it's important to note that the fake band didn't work for them.

Against all odds, it seems that whoever did this was exactly as slick as they thought.

Reddit | Dave223518

I wouldn't have thought it was possible to pile an entire loaf of bread onto somebody's head without waking them, but somebody just proved that it is.

That's insane.

And while we're talking about actual successes, there's a non-zero chance this kid got one over on a local reporter.

Reddit | chiprobinson74

Sure, it's not impossible that his name is literally Ben Dover, but it's also one of those classic fake names that seem fine until you say them out loud.

If this was a prank, shout to him for keeping a straight face. If it's real, then my strongest support to both Ben and to anyone who is legitimately walking around with the name Michael Hunt.

Please understand if they prefer not to be called Mike.

Only the most confused of grandparents are going to fall for this one.

Reddit | kanzaan

OK, I know that this version of the game supposedly has Knuckles in it, but is that also Shaggy from Scooby Doo?

I might prefer this version of the game, actually. It should at least be easier to follow.

It's good to see that the uploader wasn't getting tripped up by this banana peel trap today.

Reddit | ollieoliverx000

And if somebody wasn't trying to make them fall down, this might be some of the most unfortunately placed litter ever.

A word of caution: If you try to hide something at a sporting event, one of the camera people will catch you.

Reddit | TheH0F

For some reason, they have a sixth sense for people doing what they're not supposed to as this Minnesota Vikings coordinator found out.

It was a nice try, but he couldn't hide his chewing tobacco.

If you're wondering why this was taken at such a weird angle, it's because the photographer wanted to sneak a picture of John Travolta.

Reddit | pubecentral

It seems it didn't quite work, however, as he started looking right at them soon after this was taken.

A valiant effort, though.

And it isn't just celebrities who can tell when someone is trying to pull this trick.

Reddit | faruch

For instance, this happy photo was just an excuse to get the guy dressed like Mario on camera and despite their best efforts, that didn't escape his notice.

If this were true, you'd think that the real estate company wouldn't have to work so hard to convince us with this sign.

Reddit | squirrelscotch

There's nothing more suspicious than a really insistent answer to a question that nobody asked.

Yup, the bus driver will be none the wiser after someone so expertly changed the month that this bus pass is active.

Reddit | XRayZDay

Why. for them to see through this ruse, the real month would have to be prominently displayed in big purple letters or something.

...Uh oh.

I'm guessing the person in the tiger suit was looking to jump out and surprise these runners, but it doesn't seem to be going well.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Based on the way their body is positioned, it looks like the biggest surprise will be on them when they faceplant onto this trail.

Yeah, laughter wasn't quite the reaction they were hoping for.

Ah, I see we have a master counterfeiter at work here.

Reddit | drtrillphill

Thanks to that seamless zero they added here, nobody will ever suspect that this is actually a five dollar bill.

And certainly not because they were tipped off by a giant purple five or the fact that the actual value is literally spelled out at the bottom.

In case you can't tell from his facial expression, this guy was caught breaking into this car.

Reddit | 2planks

I can only imagine that this reaction had to caused by something a little more intense than just spotting the camera, though.

I've seen screamer pranks on the internet that startled me less than whatever's got his attention.

This will probably stop seeming like a good idea about three seconds after they finish doing it.

Reddit | Zygoon123

Frankly, I'm kind of surprised they made it this far without seeing the flaw in their brilliant plan here. I guess they're banking on literally every word in these positions being the most important parts of the text?

Call me crazy, but it's hard to feel all that confident in how stealthy their monitoring is now that we've seen this picture.

Reddit | starkjoe

Hopefully, the products they sell are a little less obvious than the two big white cameras they've got watching over the storefront.

I'll give them credit if those cameras were fake all along and the real one is actually in that parking sign, though.

Whatever this girl was trying to accomplish here, it's pretty clear that things didn't turn out the way she intended.

Reddit | buttwhole944

It turns out that their prickly backs aren't the only part of a hedgehog that we need to worry about. Thanks to her sacrifice, we know now.

Here's a handy protip: If you want people to believe you, the last thing you want to use is quotation marks.

Reddit | PrincePeppersneeze

As it stands, this sign pretty much guarantees that I'll discreetly slip whatever tips I give to the actual crew. Nice try, box.

Well, I guess the one advantage of the way this guy is hiding is that we can't see who he is.

Reddit | WhoisBsa

That said, finding out is as easy as moving slightly to the right, so it's not like we can give him too many points here.

Stealth is not his strong suit.

They can put all the leaves they want on the sign under this display, but I still won't be convinced.

Reddit | tibbymat

Mind you, that doesn't mean I'm not going to buy this treat. It just means I know exactly how much my body will hate it for it.

Oh dear, there really aren't many reasons why someone would yeet a bed off their balcony so forcefully.

Reddit | wtfschool

Unless somebody was really startled by some bed bugs, it seems likely that their partner cheated and wasn't all that great at hiding it.

Just a hunch.

Yup, I can't see any reason why the police wouldn't accept this totally legitimate license plate.

Reddit | amirpashat

After all, not only does it definitely exist, but those are totally real letters and numbers after that F and not just random scribbles.

It's perfectly normal.

Phew, I almost mistook this for a bus that kids grumble about riding, but it's obviously much cooler.

Reddit | BedtimePigeon

But seriously, the only way I'll accept this is if the bus is being driven by Otto from The Simpsons.

Now, that's a cool bus.

Somehow, I get the feeling that this kid isn't winning this game of hide and seek.

Reddit | Chunks06

Hiding in a box isn't normally a bad idea, but I guess learning about transparency comes a little later in life.

And he would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that meddling license plate.

Reddit | Ssouth84

The driver responsible for this might not have believed in karma before, but I'd be surprised if he still didn't after the police caught up to him.

If the magician hadn't revealed his trick here, none of us would've been the wiser.

Reddit | MyLastBrainCell09

But alas, we all know that his badass tattoos are not actually his. So it's clear that he has one good friend and one bad one.

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