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Man Waits So Long To Be Served At Rental Car Company He Starts 'Working' For Them

Have you ever gone into a business and waited so long that it feels like you work there?

A TikToker recently ran into this predicament when he went into an Enterprise Rental Car office to return a car.

Instead of waiting around, he decided to spring into action.

Deric Cahill saw this empty office when he walked in.

TikTok | @boldfam

The TikToker, who releases videos under the handle @boldfam, said he'd been waiting around for fifteen minutes without a sign of life.

Cahill just wanted to return his car. But when the office phone started ringing, he decided to do something.

The phone kept ringing.

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The phone call wasn't Cahill's responsibility. But maybe the constant ringing made him anxious, or maybe he saw the potential for a hilarious TikTok, and he decided he could wait no longer.

Like a true superhero.

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It's not like he knows anything about the rental car business or has access to the company's computers, but Cahill evidently decided that he could, at the very least, get on the line with whoever was calling.

It was time to answer the phone.

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Cahill eventually caved, reached over the counter, and answered the ringing phone. He does so professionally, with a firendly, "Thank you for calling Enterprise," for the customer on the other end.

The customer wanted a minivan.

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Cahill called out to any employee who might be in the back office and surprisingly gets a reply — apparently there's a shortage of minivans.

He tells the customer, then checks with the same employee if there are any SUVs or similar calls.

Eventually, the jig was up.

TikTok | @boldfam

Cahill says that when the employee realized he was a customer who'd answered the phone, "he was not pleased."

Of course, Cahill was just trying to help out. Maybe Enterprise should consider offering him a job.

Was it worth it? Hard to say.

Cahill said in a follow-up vid that the actual Enterprise employee largely brushed it all off and pretended nothing weird had happened but Cahill also suspected his phone intervention might have worked against him concerning some hail damage to the car.

But, you have to think that Enterprise will be snappier about answering the phone in the future!

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