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Salt Bae Is Serving Up Steaks Covered In 24k Gold At His New UK Restaurant

The viral internet sensation Salt Bae is soon to be opening his first restaurant in the United Kingdom, with his Nusr-Et Steakouse restaurant chain announcing a new location in London.

Internet darling Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, has been serving up some seriously ludicrous menu items in his restaurant chain, and this is a trend he intends to keep in his U.K. location.

The chef rose to prominence as a viral sensation.

Gökçe first took the internet by storm in 2017 thanks to a series of videos which showed him preparing Ottoman steaks in a fantastically ostentatious manner. The videos racked up over 10 million views on Instagram alone, with Salt Bae quickly joining the meme hall of fame.

Since becoming a veritable meme king, Gökçe has continued to work as a flamboyant chef in his own restaurants.

Gökçe's Nusr-Et Steakouse restaurant chain has over 14 locations, with a new one set to open in London's Knightsbridge area in May 17th, according to LadBible — which is good news for any U.K. fans looking to attend Salt Bae's theatrical dining experience.

One of Gökçe's most ridiculous "inventions" is a 24 karat gold steak.

The gold leaf which covers the steak is largely for decoration — unless you have a particular penchant for devouring thin, largely-flavorless gold because of...whatever reason.

However, this thin layer of decoration over your meal will add a pretty penny to your bill, which is only natural due to the fact that you're covering a prime tomahawk steak in actual gold.

The price has left a few people a little flabbergasted to say the least.

As seen above, the golden tomahawk steaks will cost you a cool $1000 in most of Salt Bae's locations, which is not really surprising as, and I can't believe I'm saying this again, you're buying steak covered in gold at a restaurant.

The 24 karat gold steaks are so pricey that the police were called when one diner was presented with their bill.

Earlier in 2021, a Mr. Duane Miranda attended one of Gökçe's restaurants with a handful of friends. When their steaks arrived covered in gold, Mr. Miranda and his friends simply thought it was a bit of needless decoration and so ate the steaks, only to be shocked when they were presented with a bill for $5,012.28, Esquire reports.

Mr. Miranda claimed that they hadn't ordered the "golden" steaks, and the police were ultimately called to settle the dispute — with Mr. Miranda eventually being forced to pay the bill.

Still, anyone in the U.K. looking for a steak, golden or not, will have a new place to go come May 17th.

May 17th is also the day that restaurants will finally be permitted to open once again in the UK amid coronavirus precautions, which means that a lot of people might have worked up a hankering for a gold-plated steak. Although, the dish has been described by some as merely a "stunt dish" — which is understandable, I guess?

Would you be tempted by the golden steak though? Be sure to let us know in the comments!