​Starbucks Barista Wants To Quit After Man’s Over The Top Starbucks Order

Ordering coffee at stores like Starbucks is something that many of us do on a regular basis.

While we may have unique and custom orders, we don't always think about how much effort it takes to make these specific orders exactly the way that we like them.

Jokes about Karens aside, we live in a world where customer service workers are treated terribly.

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They can't actually control anything except for their own smiles.

So when people yell at customer service workers for how much something costs or if a machine breaks, it just makes the customer look rude.

It doesn't help when people also try to make their life worse on PURPOSE.

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No one's job is easy, so why are you trying to make their already difficult job even harder?

What possible joy could you get from that?

Let's take a look at Starbucks, shall we?

The coffee shop is one of the most famous in the world because of its super fun drinks.

Sure it can be pricey, but you pay for the fun! And let's be honest, you don't want to make it yourself at home.

Some baristas at Starbucks end up with some crazy customers and even crazier jobs.

Especially since a lot of their drinks are super complicated to make.

So when people add even more ridiculous things...well, it's never pleasant.

Here is one barista's story:

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She goes by Josie on Twitter, and she shared a photo of a recent Starbucks order she received from a customer with the following

"On today's episode of why I want to quit my job."

The order takes up an entire sticker on the coffee cup.

The entire order, which truly sounds like way too much sugar, reads:

"Vt Crml Crnch Frap:

5 Banana Ex Caramel Drizzle Extra Whip Extra Ice Ex Cinn Dol Top 7 pumps Add Dk Crml Sauce Ex Caramel Crunch 1 pump Honey Blend Ex Sltd Bm Btr 5 pumps Frap Rst Cof 7 Add Frapp Chips Heavy Cream Double Blended"

Other people just truly couldn't believe that someone drinks coffee like this.

One user said that this drink has to be over 2,000 calories. And, with all that sugar, it doesn't even taste like coffee anymore. "It's cake in a cup."


Josie's photo also inspired other Baristas to share their crazy orders, too.

Other Starbucks baristas began to share photos of their orders, too, showcasing how crazy some customers can be.

Other baristas showed that those orders can be novel-length.

So, if we can gather anything, it's that we need to be a little kinder to Starbucks baristas.

The drinks they have to make are already hard enough, so why should we make their lives more miserable for a joke.

Let it die people. Be kind!

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