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TikTok Video Captures Passengers' Reactions After Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight

Anyone who's ever been there for the birth of a baby will probably tell you two things: having a baby can be unpredictable, and it's good to be at the hospital, surrounded by trained professionals, for the birth.

But because of this unpredictability, we sometimes see babies born in unusual places. This is just what happened on a recent flight to Hawaii.

There was a big surprise on a recent Delta flight to Honolulu.

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Not long after the plane departed from Salt Lake City and started its trek over the Pacific, passengers on the flight were asked over the speakers if there was a doctor onboard.

Naturally, these questions always get everybody's attention.

Passenger Julia Hansen took out her phone and started shooting.

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Hansen told The Washington Post that she was napping when the announcement was made.

"The speaker goes on and off like they're about to announce something, but they don't," Hansen told the Post. "Then there's a little baby crying."

Yes, a baby was born on the flight.

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At cruising altitude over the Pacific Ocean, a passenger on the flight gave birth. Hansen's video captures the chaotic scene, with most passengers craning their heads to catch a glimpse of the drama happening at the back of the flight.

The pilot soon made it official.

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While passengers had some idea what was going on, an announcement from the pilot made things clear. The plane erupted into a round of applause for a mother who'd given birth under difficult — and unique — circumstances.

All's well that ends well.

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A few hours later on the seven-hour flight, the new mom was wheeled to the front of the plane — with her new baby in her lap.

Hansen and other passengers offered their congratulations as she passed by.

Delta confirmed the birth.

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"After she had gotten out, everyone just kind of got up, got their carry-on, and left," Hansen said.

We don't have any info other than Delta's confirmation and Hansen's much-viewed TikTok video, but it's certainly a story to remember for everyone who was on board.

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