George Clooney Jokes He's 'Not Thrilled' About Turning 60: 'Better Than Dead'

These days, I'd say my standards are lower than usual. Grilled cheese for dinner? Sounds amazing! Haven't changed out of my pajamas in six days? At least it wasn't a full week! Running out of my house only to hop in my car and get a crappy drive-thru coffee? Quality fresh air time!

So when I heard that George Clooney had a similar take on life as me these days, it felt pretty good.

It's hard to believe of the sexiest men alive is about to turn the big 6-0!

The actor, who turns sixty on May 6th, recently got candid about how it feels to turn the milestone age. No, not stone age — milestone age.

As it turns out, he's not loving it!

"As far as turning 60, listen, I'm not thrilled with it but it's better than dead," the actor joked while chatting with *Entertainment Tonight* last week.

"So, I'll take it. I got two options," he added. "The older you get, the lower your bar gets."

Well, if that isn't the title of my autobiography I don't know what is!

In case you forgot (like I did) George is a father of twins with his wife Amal — three-year-old Alexander and Ella Clooney are the light of his life!

When asked about how he plans on raising his children, Goerge insisted he wants to instill the importance of philanthropic work in them from a young age.

"Well, you try [to instill charitable values]. They’re not quite four yet so they don't [understand]," the actor told ET.

"My kids will always say, they'll pick up a toy and they’ll go, 'This is for the poor people.' And I go, 'Good. OK, so let's put it in the basket and we'll take it to the poor people.' And then there's this shock on their face when reality hits."

"But I hope so. My parents always taught me that the best things you could do [is] challenge people in power and lookout for people who aren't in power and those kinds of things," he added.

Ah, I just love him!

h/t: Entertainment Tonight.