TikTok User Shares Game-Changing Paint Hacks

Painting is one of the best ways to make a big change in your home. It's inexpensive (which is a total score) and has high impact.

However, as we all know, painting can be a pain in the butt. Luckily, TikTok is once again here to save the day! Let's learn some paint hacks and save our sanity, shall we?

Paint hacks are total life savers.

Anyone willing to share a tip or two that will rescue me from losing my mind painting is a saint to me. Take Saint Vanessa @homewithvan, for example. She shared two hacks that will change the way you paint.

The first tip: foil.

This hack is for us lazy people. Before you pour your paint, line the tray with aluminum foil. When you're done, crunch that ish up and lob it into the garbage can! Nice.

This next one is a mind-blower.

If you have a paint can lid with that kind of opening, grab the spout @homewithvan is holding. You can use the notches of the narrow opening to twist the lid open.

Oh, and it's also a spout.

Once you have that lid off, you can screw the wider end into the opening! We love an easy to use spout that won't result in us having to clean up paint drips all day.

Check out how smooth that is.

And before you ask: I have no idea what color this is. Vanessa was asked a few times, but she chose not to share it. I wish I knew it, because it's stunning!

People were shocked.

Others had tried different spouts with less successful results, too! I've never tried a spout, but now I definitely want to give it a try.

Not all paint cans have that opening, however.

According to Vanessa, the cans that come with those special lids are Behr Marquee paints. However, you can ask your local paint shop and see if they have those lids for all cans!

Some people had some additional paint tray tricks.

I have no idea where paint trays come with liners. Dark Lord Derry here must be shopping at a different store than I do. However, they DO sell paint tray liners at Home Depot.

You can watch the whole TikTok here!

Check out the whole thing to see the spout in action! Will you use these tricks the next time you find yourself painting? I definitely am using that foil trick ASAP.