11+ Easy Home Upgrades That Cost $15 Or Less

Are you itching to upgrade your space, but your budget is, uh, limited? Don't worry — these tips and tricks prove that you can still give your home a makeover even if you only have $15 or so to spare. Don't believe me? Let's check these out.

Change your lighting up.

Table lamps are a great way to bring something funky and fun to your home without breaking the bank. Try something like this cute terazzo lamp from Target for a bit of trendy fun! ($9)

Give your plants cute new homes.

Ikea vases are amazing. They're super stylish, come in some stunning colors, and they are incredibly cost-effective. I have a ton of these and I love them! Pick them up for $9.99.

Contact paper is a game changer.

Now, let's be honest: Marble contact paper is kind of overdone. I know how hard that is to hear because I'm currently typing on a desk covered in it. Let's try something new like some geometric contact paper! Check it out for $14.99

Get yourself a bougie paint can sample.

Unsplash | Taelynn Christopher

This is the best way to get yourself enough paint to do a small project, like painting a piece of furniture.

Choose the nicest paint (with a built-in primer) and get a sample! Home Depot has some for $3.27

Replace small kitchen accessories.

Swapping out something as simple as a paper towel holder, a fruit basket, or that catch-all cookware jar next to your oven will definitely make an impact! It'll cost you $9.99 for this bowl.

Pick up some faux plants!

Faux plants are way more affordable than they used to be! Your best bet for some high-impact, low-cost plants is tiny succulents! This entire pack of plants is available on Amazon for $15.99! (Yes, I know it's $0.99 over the limit. Go with me here.)

Pick up some REAL plants.

Unsplash | vadim kaipov

If you're more of a green thumb and you don't mind caring for plants, getting a real plant is a great idea! Your best bet is to hit up your local home & garden center for one.

Add some decorative mirrors!

Mirrors are a great way to change a space. Not only do they add light, but they also come in a lot of cool shapes and sizes! These Ikea ones have gorgeous gold hardware for that glam factor and retail for $12.99.

Don't underestimate upcycling.

"Picked these beauties on my morning jog;

'Vase' is a wine bottle.

Creating beautiful spaces doesn't need to break the wallet." Instagram user @belindakiriakou had the right idea with this cute new display — upcycling can be free!

New art is just a good idea, tbh.

Downloadable digital art prints are an amazing way to update your art selection without breaking the bank! You can browse for original art on Etsy, print it out at home, and frame it however you want! Check out this one for $7.19.

Get your DIY on with some spray paint.

This awesome DIY by @tamarabradshaw_home cost $4! She used a mirror from Dollar Tree, some spray paint, and some decorative gems to create some gorgeous candle holders.

Switch out your plate covers.

There's no reason you can't have nice switch covers! If you have to see them every day, why not make them stylish and sleek? I'm all for personalizing unexpected pieces. These modern ones can be found for $10.99.

Have fun DIY-ing a wreath!

This super cute, half-moon wreath frame from Michaels caught my eye the other day, but I wasn't sure what I'd use it for!

A clever reviewer filled theirs with faux flowers, and I totally love it. It sells for $11.99

Swap out your hardware.

If you have a furniture piece that's looking a little dated, or maybe a small bathroom cabinet in need of an upgrade, consider a pair of new handles! These can be found for $8.99 on Amazon.