Halsey Said She's 'Absolutely Not' Having A Gender Reveal Party: 'We're Good'

The cool thing about pregnancy, and many things for that matter, is that people get to call the shots in their own lives. They get to do, or not do, whatever they want! That's the beauty of being individual, amirite?

Now, Halsey is revealing why a gender reveal party is not in the cards for her and her bump.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and eagerly awaited times for any parent-to-be.

Unsplash | John Looy

There are so many decisions to be made! So many big moments to prepare for! So many trends to follow!

Speaking of trends, one of the more lasting, and controversial trends, is that of a gender reveal party.

Unsplash | Juan Encalada

Love 'em or hate 'em, people have a lot to say about them. While some couples are going all out for the announcement, others skip the show altogether.

One of those people who is *not* shooting blue or pink confetti out of a canon anytime soon is singer Halsey.

According to Toofab, the 26-year-old was recently asked by paparazzi if she was going to have a gender reveal party for the baby, to which she replied, "Absolutely not."

"No, we're good...Nah, we're gonna keep that a secret," they added.

Halsey was also asked whether she was considering a baby name that would pay homage to her favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Maybe? Maybe!" she replied.

Fans of Halsey were not surprised at the singer's decision to forgo the gender reveal party.

"Good for her. She knows no one cares lol," commented one fan.

"Good gender party’s are a waste of time!! Stick to just the traditional Baby shower..." echoed another.

What do you make of Halsey's comments? Let us know down below!