Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Throwing Out Her Scale: 'It Was A Ouija Board'

Sometimes it feels like we can spend our entire lives obsessed with our weight! One of the best ways to stop worrying about how much you weigh is to simply stop weighing yourself. Actress and singer Jessica Simpson has joined that team according to a new interview with Today's Hoda Kotb.

TW: this article contains depictions or discussions of disordered eating and may be triggering to some readers.

Jessica Simpson has been very public about her weight and body image struggles over the years.

Jessica revealed that she'd been on a strict diet and taking diet pills since she was 17 years old.

Most recently, Jessica had celebrated a 100 pound weight loss after the birth of her daughter Birdie Mae.

In a new interview, Jessica has made it clear that she's no longer concerned about the number on the scale!

In fact, Jessica told Hoda Kotb that she doesn't even have a scale any more, saying, "I threw it out."

"It was like a Ouija board," Jessica continued.

I've definitely had moments where my scale was the scariest thing in MY house!

Jessica explained her new system.

"I have no idea how much I weigh. Like, I just want to feel good and be able to zip my pants up. If I don't, I have another size. I have every size," Jessica said.

What a healthy way of looking at it!

"I've really tried my hardest to not let that define me," Jessica said.

There's so much more interesting features, traits, and attributes to focus on other than our weights, and it seems like Jessica is on a healthy track!

Do you still have a scale in your home? Do you weigh yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

h/t: Today