Kate Middleton And Prince William Share Sweet Photos To Celebrate 10th Anniversary

There's nothing like celebrating big milestone anniversaries! Sure, every year is special, and every year spent with your love is worth celebrating, blah, blah, blah, but the big milestone years are always the most fun.

A decade of marriage is not easy to do, not even when you're royalty! That's why I'm totally here for Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrating theirs on social media.

Will and Kate are one of our favorite royal couples.

We have to admit that we're total suckers for the college sweethearts to future King and Queen of England story, AND their three kids (George, Charlotte, and Louis, if you haven't been keeping track) are absolutely adorable. What's not to love?

The couple got married on April 29th, 2011.

The wedding was instantly a pop culture touchstone — Kate's dress alone probably started three or four new crazes in the wedding dress industry, and rightfully so!

It's hard to believe this was already ten years ago! I remember being glued to my TV watching it go down like it was yesterday!

In honor of their 10th anniversary, Will and Kate shared some adorable photos to their Instagram.

The photos show the couple in blue, grinning just as big as they were ten years ago getting married!

Obviously fans took to the comments to share messages of congratulations. "Happy Anniversary! I remember it like it was yesterday, waking up in the middle of the night here in America to watch it before heading to my first college class of the day. Congratulations," one fan wrote.

"Such a gorgeous couple!" wrote one commenter.

"Happy anniversary! I bet your children are in the back making you laugh," one commenter wrote, and I think that's not a bad guess!

Happy anniversary to Will and Kate, and here's to another ten happy years!

Fans noticed there was a similarity between the new photos and the photos that were released when Will and Kate were first engaged.

It's amazing how Kate looks practically exactly the same! You'd think having three kids might age you a little bit, but it turns out that's not the case when you're royalty!

The photos weren't all that got shared for the couple's special day.

The couple also took the time to share a video showing so many adorable and sweet moments of the entire family, including never-before-seen footage of their little ones playing, roasting marshmallows, hiking, and looking like the absolute cutest.

You can see for yourself right here!

"Thank you to everyone for the kind messages on our wedding anniversary. We are enormously grateful for the 10 years of support we have received in our lives as a family," Will and Kate shared.

Fans shared how emotional the video made them feel in the comments.

"Why did this make me incredibly emotional. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple, and what an amazing family and life you have created together," one fan wrote.

"This made me cry happy tears!" one fan shared.

"Thank you so much for sharing those lovely moments with us. This is more we could ever ask for. Bless you," another wrote.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the video on repeat for the rest of the day!