Interior Designer Creates A Stunning DIY Headboard Using Pool Noodles

You guys are not going to believe this one.

Pool noodles are a favorite of DIYers everywhere, and for good reason! They're cheap, they're easy to hack, and they're lightweight.

One DIYer decided to put noodles through their paces with an amazing headboard hack, and the results are nothing short of stunning.

As with all great DIYs, this hack was created out of a want for something stylish without breaking the bank.

Flickr | Joe Shlabotnik

This hack was created by photographer and interior design enthusiast Margaret Wright. In the summer of 2020, she decided her guest room needed a new headboard, but she didn't wnat to shell out a ton for it. Enter: the pool noodles.

Magaret bought a pack of pool noodles and got to work.

She also picked up some pipe insulation to use alongside the noodles. The pipe insulation had a smaller circumference than the noodles, so it gave the headboard some variety and depth.

She also needed a few other supplies.

You'll need something to attach the noodles and your chosen foam onto. Margaret chose to use a queen mattress topper for the main bulk of her headboard.

Attach it to your chosen backboard with some spray adhesive.

Spray adhesive is going to be way easier on your sanity than trying hot glue the entire thing. Lean into that spray adhesive and attach everything to the backboard!


Now that is a stunner of a headboard.

She told Domino her inspiration for the headboard came from this DIY by designer Bradley Tolbert. However, she wanted something with an arch!

She shared some helpful tips on her Instagram stories.

It cost her $300 to do this DIY, but I suspect you crafty DIYers could find a way to replace the foam topper with something much cheaper. Perhaps batting?

Nearly five months after she completed the DIY, it went viral on Twitter.

Time truly has no meaning on the internet, huh? Margaret was floored when she realized her hack had been posted on Twitter and was going viral.

"Y’all are making me laugh so hard with the comments," she said on Instagram.

I can see why.

People either loved the hack so much that they wanted to try it, or they hated it. When I tell you there was no middle ground, I am not exaggerating!

Would you try this DIY?

I'm not going to lie, I'm incredibly tempted. I wouldn't go for the green, though — I would do mine in a pink or black velvet, or even a pastel rainbow!