A Couple Living On A School Bus Turned It Into The Perfect Tiny Home

Another day, another crafty family living in a renovated home of wheels. Does it ever get old? Nope.

This time, it's Sarah Storey and Melanie Tumlin who converted a school bus into a tiny home for their dog and two young children.

Want to learn how they did it? Listen up because school's in session.

School buses aren't just for transporting children to and from school.

Over recent years, more and more people have been purchasing old buses and transforming them into stunning homes on wheels.

Like this one that actually has a huge separate bathroom.

Or this transformation that looks open and inviting thanks to the airy house windows and crisp, white walls.

With renovations like this, it's hard to believe that the beginning product was ever an old school bus.

This next transformation comes from Sarah Storey and Melanie Tumlin.

They had a vision of creating a home on wheels for themselves and their two kids, Baylor, 2, and Hayes, 4 months.

So in July 2019, they purchased a school bus that was originally listed for $10,000 for $5,500.

It's a good thing they got such a good bargain since they spent $20,000 on renovations to transform the school bus into a tiny home.

"What was cool about this process was that we did the renovation ourselves," Tumlin told Insider.

"From the bones up, we really designed every square inch of the space to be what we needed."

For their family's needs, they decided on a spacious kitchen, full bathroom, and play areas for both of their kids.

The kids' bedrooms are on either side of the bus, with a narrow walkway separating them.

They got creative with the color scheme, as Baylor's room has grey and white walls, while Hayes' room is all-white.

In order to be space efficient, they'll sometimes use Baylor's room as another living room.

"There's plenty of room for everyone to get toys out and play and cuddle on the bed," Tumlin said. This includes their dog, Lump, who sleeps with Baylor.

Here's a look at their kitchen:

As you'll see, they have just enough room to fit important appliances like a fridge and toaster oven.

The mixture of white paint and wood gives the tiny open a modern feel.

The couple had enough room to build a separate bedroom at the back of the bus.

So cozy! Anyone else want to curl up for a nap just like Hayes?

For more of their transformation, check them out on Instagram at @mamaswandering.

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