People Are Using Ikea Dressers To Make Beds With Tons Of Storage

Who here loves repurposing furniture? I have to admit I've never done that before myself. But having said that, I do admire anyone who can accomplish something like that.

So when I stumbled upon this idea of people upcycling Ikea dressers, I thought it was totally genius. I absolutely had to share it with all of you. Get a load of this.

I've seen my share of Ikea furniture used for all kinds of purposes.

Unsplash | Adam Winger

I'm sure you have too. But did you know that you can use an Ikea dresser to add storage to your existing bed? OMG, what? That is indeed genius, no?

The premise of this idea is quite simple.

Simply use Ikea dressers to elevate your bed. However, it gets even better. Now, you'll have extra space to store a lot of stuff just like you would under your bed.

But instead of just throwing stuff under the bed, you have neat storage compartments.

Aha! I get it, and I absolutely love it. Why haven't I thought of that? Whoever came up with this idea is really on to something here.

So I know what you're must be wondering.

How can you make a bed like this yourself? Well, take a look at this. Doesn't it make perfect sense now? This person used the Ikea KALLAX shelf to make their raised storage bed.

Here's a closer look at how another person accomplished their raised bed storage upgrade.

I love this step-by-step tutorial. I was starting to wonder how people assemble this, and now I know. What do you think of this idea, huh?

Wouldn't it be cool to have all this extra storage space right under your bed?

I think it not only looks great, but it's also super useful. Imagine how much stuff you could hide in there? I definitely can, ha, ha!

Here's a cool way to recycle that old LEKSVIK dresser.

Not only does it get a new lease on life, but now you can store all your linens in there. Oh my! That is such a great idea. Isn't it?

And what do you think about this neat idea here?

Wow, I'm so impressed. This lady used one large MALM dresser and four small KALLAX units to elevate her bed. She even made a little nook for her doggo. Aww, so cute!

Who knew that you could upgrade your old bed like this, huh?

I tell you, people come up with so many cool things these days. I'm seriously keeping this idea in mind for when we move and get ourselves a king-size bed.