Bride Asks Five Strangers She Met Online To Be Her Bridesmaids

When it comes time to start hitting people up to be in a wedding party, someone might come to the sad conclusion that they don't have the kind of close-knit friendships they may have one had. After all, making new friends isn't always easy, especially as an adult and especially during a global pandemic.

However, one woman not managed to still befriend people online during a time when we're all basically house-bound, but she also asked all five of those virtual strangers to be bridesmaids in her wedding.

And all of them said "yes."

Alexis Coffey realized she didn't have any close friends who lived nearby.

Unsplash | Sasha Freemind

As Insider reported, when she and her husband moved to Texas in January 2021, they didn't know anyone and needed to form all new friendships.

However, COVID restrictions are still in place, and so they found it difficult to meet new people. With their wedding day also coming up, Coffey's bridal party was looking pretty empty.

So she decided to invite strangers to be her bridesmaids.

Going an unconventional route, Coffey asked people she met on on the Bumble Best Friends (BFF) app, random people she noticed in her neighborhood, and even people she connected with through her wedding photographer to be her bridesmaids.

"They become strangers," she explained to Insider, "so why not make them strangers from the beginning."

When all was said and done, she ended up with a bridal party consisting of five perfect strangers.

Coffey's wedding incorporated many different dresses, as each bridesmaid selected their own gown. Some of the women bought brand new dresses and others wore used dresses, so the end result was a beautiful and unique array of colors and styles.

Coffey shared a video to TikTok showing her unconventional bridal party in action and it quickly went viral, racking up thousands of views and comments from users applauding everyone involved.

Audiences got even more information about the unusual arrangement.

Coffey's new friend and bridesmaid Haley also shared a TikTok video to celebrate the occasion, and audiences were thrilled.

"The best part was definitely getting to know the girls and their stories and watching a group of strangers come together to support the bride," Haley told Insider.

She also encouraged people to get out of their comfort zones and be a part of a stranger's wedding day, adding, "It was so exciting and really not weird at all!"

h/t: Insider

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