High School Names 9 Seniors, All Graduating With 5.0 GPA, As Valedictorians

Most graduation ceremonies have a single valedictorian each year, or perhaps maybe two people who share that honor, but one Texas high school has named nine graduating seniors as valedictorians after they each earned an incredible 5.0 GPA.

We simply can't get over this show of academic excellence and achievement by such outstanding students.

This is a history-making moment for Houston Independent School District who has never named nine students as valedictorians.

As ABC News reported, each of these students enrolled in difficult AP classes, and even some dual credit courses.

Despite having a lot on their plates, on top of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and remote learning, these students all managed to achieve weighted and unweighted 5.0 GPAs.

These schoolmates were proud of each other.

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The dream team of valedictorians consists of Alkiviades Boukas, Miles Mackenzie, Daniel Chen, Evie Kao, Christopher Zhou, Angela Ling, Wenson Tsiah-Hao Tang and even twin sisters Annie and Shirley Zhu.

Some students may feel like competitors, but these students only have words of kindness and encouragement for one another.

Each student has a wealth of extracurricular activities.

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These graduating seniors didn't just aspire to be ordinary, they wanted to be extraordinary. From Kao being both the president and founder the Asian-American Civic Engagement Club to Ling being an active member of the National MS Society, along with the other students participating in various activities, they've certainly had their eyes on the prize.

"I'm happy to be valedictorian and represent Bellaire High School with a group of intelligent, hardworking, and high-achieving students," Ling told ABC News. "By sharing this title with my fellow students, I'm glad that our efforts are both recognized and rewarded."

Each of them have been accepted to various colleges.

While some are undecided about where they'll attend college, many have already received their acceptance letters and decided they will be attending such colleges as the University of Texas, Carnegie Mellon University, Rice University and Stanford.

It seems that for these students, the sky is the limit.

Let us know what you think of these inspiring students in the comments and if you've ever heard of a school having so many valedictorians.

h/t: ABC News

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