Twitter Is Struggling To Believe Sophia Grace From 'Ellen' Just Turned 18

I want to take you back to a very special time. A time before Katy Perry was a judge on American Idol. A time when Pitbull was featured in every major dance track. A time when no one had AirPods or iPhones, and an Apple Watch was what you called an analog clock with a piece of fruit on it.

Yes, I want to take you back to 2011.

2011 was one of those years that doesn't often standout when we look back on the ~good ol' days~ but honestly, it deserves a lot more credit.

While a lot of things happened in 2011, one of the most prominent moments in pop culture that year was when Ellen invited Sophia Grace and Rosie onto her show.

5-year-old Rosie and 8-year-old Sophia Grace were cousins from Essex who took the internet by storm after their performance of "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj went viral.

It was just a really fun, carefree time in the world!

They instantly became a fan-favorite and would go on to become co-hosts and red carpet representatives for the talkshow host.

Sophia Grace and Rosie were the sweetest little duo around.

My personal favorite video is when the duo hit up the American Music Awards red carpet on behalf of *The Ellen Show.*

Seeing celebrities get starstruck by Sophia Grace is almost too cute for words.

The pair returned to *The Ellen Show* in 2015 to catchup with the talkshow host.

And to think we thought they looked grownup then amirite?

Sophia Grace and Rose went on to explain that they both had gained a little sibling since the last time they had been on the show.

Rosie shared that her parents had recently gotten married.

"I read a poem for my mom, and everyone started crying," she explained.

Since then, the young ladies have been branching out into their own careers, with Sophia Grace continuing her presence on social media.

Some of you may recall her 2013 banger "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" or have seen some of her more recent YouTube makeup tutorials!

Now, fans are realizing that Sophia Grace is all grown up as the teenager just celebrated her 18th birthday!

I know, right? I had to check my clock, my calendar, and my agenda to confirm that the year is in fact 2021 and that this is actually happening right now.

Posting on social media, Sophia thanked everyone for their kind birthday wishes.

As it turns out, a lot of people had a hard time accepting that the wee lil' Sophia Grace from Ellen was now technically an adult, and took to Twitter to commiserate.

"sophia grace is 18… she was just on ellen like yesterday singing super bass," tweeted one confused user.

"SOPHIA GRACE IS 18 YRS OLD NOW?! WTFFF? I feel old stop," echoed another.

Does it make me sound *extra* old to say they will always be kids to me? NVM, I'm sure it does!

Happy birthday, Sophia Grace!

Can you believe how much time has passed? Let us know in the comments below!