Mom Defends Her Decision To Ditch The Baby Crib For A 'Montessori Floor Bed'

There are a lot of different ways to parent and raise children. Many moms and dads have different methods they like to follow from experts. Not everyone may agree, but with evidence to back it up, some parents tend to stray from what's considered ordinary.

Let's get one thing straight: everyone parents differently.

Since there's no handbook on what makes a good parent, what feels right to one parent might not feel right to another.

But go on any area of the internet, and you can find some controversial takes, a lot of shaming, and parents trying to defend themselves.

The controversy of the day is all about cribs.

Try and keep an open mind as you go through the rest of the article, but either way, we want to hear your thoughts at the end in the comment section!

Something that seems universal is having babies sleep in a crib.

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Whether it be a crib or a bassinet, most parents have their children in a protective sleeping area that can prevent them from getting out of bed.

Having a safe and separate sleep area for babies is also recommended by experts.

It's nothing new, right?

We all want our babies to sleep somewhere safe, and a crib always seemed like the way to make that happen.

However, some parents have different approaches to sleeping arrangements for their kids.

Mar Trujillo Gallardo, who runs the TikTok channel @trujillomentalhealth, shared that she has her baby use the Montessori method when it comes to sleep.

The Montessori floor beds are researched and well studied.

The floor beds are on the ground, with the notion in mind that children can freely explore the environment around them on their own.

The idea is that babies and toddlers can go to bed when they decide to.

Which as you can imagine, that might not sit right with a lot of people, especially parents who are just so desperate to go to bed themselves.

Gallardo lists reasons why they chose this style for their child.

The mom said that it's cheaper than a traditional crib and it also teaches independence. In addition, it increases the mobility of their baby.

The mom said her baby also does things on her own.

Gallardo says that her daughter plays independently in the morning before even letting her know she's awake.

Many parents on TikTok had some concerns.

Some felt that there were a lot of safety risks, like not knowing where the kid is when you go to open the door.

Others were concerned about her playing unsupervised.

One person said, "What if she chokes on one of her toys?" Which, is a valid and genuine concern.

Some parents were concerned about "violent rollers."

The mom also had her mattress on the floor next to a mirror, for the baby to see herself. Some parents were concerned that the baby would roll into the mirror.

However many pointed out that it's not just about the bed.

The bed isn't the only component of a Montessori set-up. It's also about the entire room being baby-proof, safe, and having features that promote exploration. Check out the video below.

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