Madonna Celebrates Her Boyfriend's 27th Birthday With Series Of Steamy Pics: 'Let's Get Unconscious'

Madonna is one of those people that need no introduction because hello, it's Madonna. Do you know who might need an introduction, though? Her beau!

That's right, pop princess Madonna has been dating her younger man for nearly TWO YEARS now, and he's just recently celebrated his 27th birthday! Look, I'm not here to judge celebrity relationships — I do that enough with my own friends and family.

Of course, Madonna marked the special day in the most Madonna way possible.

If you don't follow Madonna on Instagram, I promise you're missing out on some really amazing content.

At 62-years-old, Madonna puts more effort into her social media presence than I ever have. Heck, I can barely figure out my own Facebook page, let alone how to make an Instagram "aesthetic".

Madonna recently came under fire for a video she posted of herself looking a little... wonky.

In the video, Madonna is posing in front of her camera and moving her head slowly as the caption reads: "Embrace Your Imperfections! #nobodysperfect #mirwais."

However, people felt the post was slightly ironic considering it looked like she had edited the video.

"So hypocritical," commented one fan.

"Using hardcore filtering with a message that nobody’s perfect. You have so much power over many people. Be an example. This filtered fake culture is causing a lot of depression and mental issues in younger people, because nobody looks like this! You’re an experienced grown woman. Start a change."

"Embrace?? So stop modifying yourself that I can't almost recognize my eternal idol anymore!!!" commented an upset fan.

"That’s ironic coming from a woman who has had so much plastic surgery to stay young, instead of embracing her age. You shouldn’t preach something you don’t practice," echoed another.

Despite the negative comments, Madonna has continued to post the content she wants to on her page.

To be fair, she has over 15 million followers — so she can do whatever she wants.

Who can forget when she went to an Italian restaurant recently and took five dozen of photos of herself?

I wish I looked this glamourous while inhaling my third bowl of spaghetti bolognese, but I don't. Maybe it's because I sneak down in the middle of the night to get to the leftovers before my kids do?

Speaking of kids, Madonna's boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams recently celebrated his 27th birthday! Sorry, I know I said I wouldn't joke about his age!

Posting a series of photos of the pair smoking, Madonna wrote a heartfelt Instagram caption.

"Happy Birthday My Love..... Thank you for opening my Eyes," she began.

"How Can I explain how i feel ? Lets get Unconscious.........." she concluded, referring to lyrics in her 1994 hit "Bedtime Story."

The pair, who have been together since 2019, met while Ahlamalik was hired as a dancer for Madge.

As fans may recall, this is not the first time the 62-year-old has gushed about her boyfriend.

On Valentines Day, Madonna posted a series of sweet photos of the pair with the caption "Been around the World with my Valentine this Year...... Oh what a Beautiful Trip."

"Happy Valentines Day Mr. Williams," she added.

Of course, some people felt Ahlamalik's birthday post was the time to rag on Madonna's relationship, but it's clear that Madonna is being, well... Madonna.

Since when has she cared what anyone thinks about her?

We're wishing this pair many more years of happiness and birthdays to come!