16+ Wild Discoveries That Nobody Ever Expected To Make

Finding something new has the potential to shake up our lives in ways we never thought imaginable. Be it a haunting sight or a new fascination, you never know quite what a new discovery could lead to.

In this list, we get to see discoveries that sparked new paths for their finders, with 16+ wild discoveries that nobody ever expected to make.

"This random swing in the middle of a field."

It's good you stayed far from it. This gives off a cursed type of vibe, like if you sat on it you'd be teleported to an identical-looking but very different world.

"My great grandfather’s Oscar nomination from 1944."

Are nomination certificates still this fancy? It's the Oscars, surely they can still splurge for a calligraphy artist instead of it being typed.

'The air vents on a subway in Stockholm have a hidden *Pacman* [Easter] egg."

Pacman looks mighty outnumbered here, with still so much of the board left to eat!

"Solar powered benches here in Seoul, South Korea. Complete with USB and wireless charging docks."

Reddit | macgilla

Designs like this really blow me away. So simple that it's shocking they're not widespread across the globe.

"I ordered some sample colors for new blinds, and they sent me actual tiny little blinds."

If your material samples aren't mini versions of whatever you're selling, I don't want them.

"This urinals in a plant store near me."

Reddit | demurelyBegin28

Urinal artistry isn't something I ever thought existed, but I'm pretty glad it does! Adds some spice to life.

"Airport escalator has automatically sterilized handrails [...]."

Logically, I know it's not this simple, but if there are lights that sterilize things, can't we just make lightbulbs out of it and put them everywhere?

"I found a dollar bill with an almost 30-year-old sports bet on it."

They wanted everyone who held that bill in the future to know of their pain. Thirty years later and the rage is still palpable.

"The tiles around our apartment complex is made up like the enemies in *Space Invaders*."

Outside of your building is ground zero for an intergalactic space war and you're not concerned?!

"This door on the side of the house."

Feeling a little sore and not in the mood to take the stairs? Use this door to conveniently jump off your roof instead.

"There was a flower inside of the strawberries I bought today."

Sure it's just due to an early harvest, but it also looks like that one strawberry dressed up to meet you, with an accessory in its hair and everything!

"Polish speedway fans have borrowed cranes to watch the match during corona restrictions."

Enjoy a live sporting event without any chance of anyone blocking your view, not to mention the severely reduced chance you'll get beer spilled on you.

"Found an extended magazine pistol behind my apartment."

Either a very unfortunate thing to lose or a very concerning thing to throw away like this. As long as you informed someone, it's no longer your concern.

"Found a bunch of Carbine and [Machine] Gun Ammunition on a small river in Germany today [...]."

Another case of tossing something casually that probably shouldn't be tossed casually. Thanks to more pictures, commentators were able to identify these as training blanks, but they still don't belong in a river.

"This butterfly bike rack made from repurposed bike frames."

I think bike racks are an underappreciated form of modern sculpture. There are so many cool things you can do with them, and they serve a functional purpose!

"This church that has been converted into a Tesco."

And it's probably the prettiest Tesco around thanks to its history. Thankfully they didn't want to change the exterior, what a crime it would have been to get rid of that window.

"Drove past this malfunctioning billboard outside a major sports stadium."

We're at the point where they're starting to advertise computer errors just to see if we'll buy them.

"Found a grenade in the garden, had a visit from the army bomb disposal unit."

Yes he's bomb disposal and knows what he's doing, but even seeing this guy hold that bare-handed makes me nervous.

"U-haul storage puts these cutouts in their windows."

He's there to remind you that U-Haul is always watching, and will know if you choose a competitor over them. They'll see it.

"I found an old reel to reel recorder."

Perhaps I'm just susceptible to the vintage-chic era, but older tech like this has just the coolest look to 'em. Away with modernism, let's bring this aesthetic back!

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