A Mom Of 5 Made $60,000 By Flipping RVs Into Gorgeous Tiny Homes

What's the definition of a dream job? If you said "a job where you get to get paid doing what you love" then ding ding ding! you'd be correct.

This is the life Sarah Lemp has been living. The mom of five renovated her first camper in 2014. Since then, she's transformed her skill into a family business worth thousands of dollars.

Renovating RVs has been a part of Sarah Lemp's life since 2014.

Tired of shelling out thousands of dollars on family vacations, Sarah looked into a more cost-effective option for her husband, Jason, and their five kids.

This led to the family purchasing a vintage camper for $1,700.

While vintage is fine for clothes, it doesn't have the same effect on campers.

This left Sarah with a lot of work, including fixing the holes in the ceiling, water damage, and a musty interior.

A long list of problems like this would cause anyone to turn away — but not Sarah.

In an interview with Insider, she said that she saw potential in that old RV.

"It was terrible, it was hideous, it was disgusting, and that just made it all the better because I was so excited about what it could be transformed into."

Armed with tools and ready for a challenge, the family spent $3,000 and the next six months working on renovations.

After this, the camper was ready to hit the road.

While the Lemp family had it for several years, they soon felt they needed something bigger.

This ended up being a major turning point.

When Sarah sold the camper for $8,900 on Facebook Marketplace, she realized that flipping RVs could be a profitable business.

Since then, Sarah and her family have done just that.

Over the years, they've completed 10 renovations and sold nine campers.

They've spent as low as $500 on a camper to flip and earned as much as $39,900 from a new 2019 Keystone Bullet travel trailer.

The whole thing is a team effort. She gets her five kids — Natalie, 14, Carissa, 14, Taylor, 12, Olivia, 10, and Asher, 3 — involved by paying them for their work.

The family even gets to enjoy every camper they flip before they sell it by taking it for a few trips.

Speaking of trips, some of the profits they earn have gone towards trips to Disneyland and the kids' college funds.

The family business has also taught her kids a lot about life from a young age.

This includes how to negotiate RV prices and using tools. They also learn humility, as Sarah said she's happy another family gets to enjoy their hard work.

"When you're working on a project like that, a lot of heart goes into it," Sarah told Insider. "To see the families go on to create so many wonderful memories with their families makes me so happy."

For more of the Lemp family, visit their blog.

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