16+ Pics That Pretty Much Sum Up How Life Is Going Right Now

We can all admit that life isn't always as smooth-sailing as we'd like it to be. We have our rough days, weeks, months even, and knowing that others share in that struggle can be comforting.

From minor annoyances to some bigger mistakes, here are 16+ pics that pretty much sum up how life is going right now.

"A bird crapped in the open mouth piece of my coffee."

I'm not one to encourage wasteful practices, but after this it'd be hard to not throw the whole mug away.

"Good start to the morning..."

No need to worry, a pinch of salt should balance that right out.

"Late for work. Shut the fridge door too hard. Knocked wine bottle off the fridge. Hit my coffee. Bad morning."

Mornings seem to be the most vulnerable time for unfortunate mistakes to happen. When you're fresh out of bed with a long day ahead, things hurt more.

"Are any of you missing a bag at the Denver Airport?"

I've flown a grand total of three times in my life and this is still one of my greatest fears. It's just such a detrimental inconvenience.

"Currently stuck in an elevator in my apartment building, was told about 40 minutes until the tech arrives and I have to pee."

This is definitely some righteous, karmic test of strength and will. If you make it through this, you can make it through anything.

"Getting scammed on avocados."

I don't think it's 'getting scammed' if you bought an avocado that size. What else were you expecting?

"Roommate broke the toilet seat. No worries though. He replaced it."

I understand wanting the person who broke the thing to fix it, but that's giving them a lot of trust and look what happens when you do that.

"I order pancakes from McDonald's with bacon, this is what I got. I'm not to sure what I'm going to do with all this bacon."

That's kind of irresponsible, that's surely a dangerous amount of bacon. At the very least, you definitely won't have room for panckes after!

So, so close.

This image causes physical pain. So tantalizingly close, but so, so far.

"Thought I was being clever by picking the biggest sandwich in the case. So much bread."

For you, this might be a loss, but for a bread enjoyer like myself, this is a major score.

"Just labeled recycling --all goes in trash."

They somehow did less than the bare minimum and it was cleared all the way down to implementation. Just buy two bins.

Long gone.

The uploader told the story behind this specific bottle, "After a tough day of moving, our sweet older neighbor gave us a house warming gift. My fiancé opened it, but a solid chunk came out. We then checked the expiration date..."

"[...] this $18 'Caesar Salad' my gfs cousins got in Vegas from Wolfgang Puck."

There's a lot happening here but none of what's going on is a Caesar salad. It genuinely looks like it was picked out of the trash.

"Well this just happened."

Something about the angle and framing here makes it a lot funnier, so kudos to the poor sap who lost their pasta for managing to make it humorous.

"My [expletive] cat got hungry and ate the bread I bought this morning."

And I thought my cat was rude for trying to drink my coffee every morning. Good to know it can always be worse.

"I made coffee while I was still half-asleep."

Needing coffee to feel awake but needing to feel awake to make coffee is an endless paradox of pain.

"Why would these be on the bottom shelf?"

Reddit | Werespider

To earn back pain relief, you have to work for it. You have to be willing to risk humiliation, you have to want it.

"How my Friday evening is going."

This wine doesn't think you've had a tough enough week. It's warning you to save it for another one, an omen of sorts.

'My colleague's car got mangled in the ROOF somehow. Probably a truck."

Not sure what's worse, the damage or the now lifelong mystery of never knowing what happened to your car.

"What the hell."

I'm convinced that some people become delivery drivers because they're sadists. Just a rare bunch that do these things on purpose.

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