Twitter Calls Out Justin Bieber For 'Cultural Appropriation' Because Of His Dreads

There are some celebrities that are no stranger to controversies no matter what they're doing, and Justin Bieber is definitely one of those celebrities.

After recently getting in trouble with fans for using a recording of Martin Luther King Jr. on his newest album, Justin has been making headlines for debuting a new hairstyle.

Justin Bieber is obviously known for more than his looks.

Justin's smash hits like 'Sorry,' "What Do U Mean,' 'Peaches,' 'Intentions,' and 'Holy' have been pretty hard to avoid!

But it would be hard to deny that part of his appeal comes from the way he looks.

Justin recently took to Instagram to show off his latest hairstyle.

Justin shared a series of pictures that showed his hair in dreads on his head.

Many fans began to discuss whether or not this was cultural appropriation, as some believe that dreads are an important part of Black culture and should be treated as such.

Fans took to social media to share how they felt.

"@justinbieber I can’t keep defending you hoe stop with the childish acts you know better then to put on dreads!!! I will pull my money out from the tour if you don’t apologize bro you did this in 2016 now again? how you claim to be educated now but still pull the same stunt," one fan tweeted.

Others saw it as a teachable moment for Justin.

"Hey bae. i love you so much and i only want the best for you so i’m going to ask you to please let the dreads go. like stop. i can’t defend you," shared one fan.

For some fans, this was a familiar look.

Justin had previously sported dreadlocks in the past, which earned him similar backlash at the time, prompting some fans to wonder if he'd "learned" anything from the previous incident.

Some fans came to Justin's defense.

"omg let him do whatever he wants with his hair," one fan wrote on Instagram, while another added, "It's literally JUST hair, he can do with it whatever he wants to!"

Some fans were over the criticism.

"Everybody acting like they’ve never seen a white man with dreads before. It’s 2021 and we’re this bent over hair? Relax," one fan wrote.

Fans defending him were passionate.

"Justin Bieber rocking dreads is not cultural appropriation man. What the guy wants to do with his hair is his own damn decision, it’s his head! Not yours! Good Lordy y’all need help," one fan shared.

What do you think?

Do these fans have a point, or do you think that dreads are just a hairstyle? Do you think the look suits Justin? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!