17+ Homeowners Who Are Completely Lost

Being a first-time homeowner can be quite difficult, what with all the decorating, finances, and all of that other tedious adulting crap.

However, things were particularly difficult for the following homeowners. So, please enjoy these 15+ homeowners who have no idea what they are doing!

"3 doors required for this house."

One of the suggestions as to why this might exist was that the builders must have ran out of bricks and only had doors.

"Went to my friend's house and asked her kid where his mom was... He told me she was 'stuck in the attic.'"

Well, now I am just imagining her whole family staring up at her leg while drinking cups of tea not helping her out.

"I mean this is one way to sell a house..."

I am annoyed by how much of a good idea I think that this is. How many tacos are we talking here? If it's hundreds of thousands then I might be tempted.

"I just changed the toilet on our home and left a little message to future home owners."

One very astute person highlighted a worry that a lot of us also had, writing, "I hope for your sake that poop went in the bowl, not in the tank as that message could be interpreted."

"Structurally Tuned Development."

"So, Dave, you really don't see what you've done here?"

"What do you mean? Is it about the logo, I think it's pretty cool."

"Jesus Christ, Dave."

"'Upcycled' knife block..."

The way that the string is tied around is unforgivable, and wouldn't you at least put the knot at the back and out of view?

"Bought a house in July and they graciously left me a mini fridge in the basement, after moving all my beer downstairs I discovered it was a freezer."

What a modern tragedy. And, aside from all of the beer that has been appallingly lost, that is going to be one hell of a sticky mess.

"I'm becoming Sid from Toy Story and I'm embracing it. Planters I made from dolls for air plants, everyone."

I know that they claim that they are "embracing" this look, but it's not a look that anyone should ever want to embrace!

"My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night."

"So, can you explain why you didn't get our previous letter?"

"It was blown up by lightning."

"Okay, sure it was!"

"Visited my mother, her partner had fixed the door... Sweet as!"

Nothing quite like having to just use whatever screws you have lying around to complete a job! It's...rustic, if nothing else!

"Final touches to a house to make it a home."

Actually, I quite like this idea. I think that I might have to steal this design for my own home.

"A friend broke his hip while skiing. My sympathetic wife made him this."

Now their friend can theme their house's decoration around their life's mistakes! What a wonderfully nihilistic idea!

"My local facebook marketplace. Dude wants £50 for this."

Any homeowner who either designs or buys this needs to be arrested. I don't know what the charge would be, but they just shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets!

Those Aren't Weights!

The individual who posted this explained, "Shoutout to my mom who very kindly brought me 'dumbells' from the basement and even washed them so I could work out at home with weights — turns out these are old Soviet-era hand grenades."

"Saw this on FB with someone asking for a contractor. Holy hell!

Now I know absolutely nothing about construction, but even I can tell that this looks bad.

"Found at the airbnb I'm renting..."

I don't think I could relax if I had three light switches in my house that I didn't know the function of.

"The fireplace was a little too hot last night."

I can see upside down candles being a brand new trend that sweeps the nation now.

"Spilt my coffee this Morning..."

There are few things quite as unpleasant as the texture of ground coffee I find, they're going to be feeling that underfoot for weeks.

"Building a shingle family home..."

There were actually a few people who said that they thought this design was pretty cool. And, well, they're wrong.

"GF was so proud of herself for buying raw doors, cutting in the hinges and drilling the knob hole. I was the bearer of bad news that she did it upside down."

She still did a very good job of hanging the door though, which is something! I'd just leave it as it is, it'll be a good story to tell people if nothing else.