Halle Berry Debuts New Cropped Haircut At The Oscars

I can't think of a better event to debut a new 'do than The Oscars. I mean really, where are there more eyes on you than at the biggest award show of the year?

Goddess and actress Halle Berry knows exactly what I'm talking about, which is why she picked the 2021 Oscars to debut her new chopped 'do!

Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

I know, right? Do I win an Oscar for the most obvious statement ever?

While Halle has always experimented with her looks, she's been rocking beautiful long hair recently!

However, the 54-year-old just surprised fans at Sunday night's Oscars by debuting her cropped cut!

While we've seen Halle rock some shorter cuts, this one was totally unique to anything fans have seen before!

Posting a series of photos from her backyard photoshoot before hitting up the red carpet, the actress gave fans a look at her new 'do!

Of course, Halle looks beautiful no matter what, so I'm not surprised she's pulling this off!

The hair paired perfectly with Halle's stunning Dolce & Gabbana gown.

I literally have never seen a dress look so amazing on someone before!

In addition to debuting her new haircut, she also debuted her new MAN on the red carpet.

Halle was snapped with musician boyfriend Van Hunt on the red carpet for the first time and fans were obsessed with the totally gorgeous couple!

A few weeks ago, Halle shared the sweetest pic of the pair.

"I’ll be ya groupie baby, cause you are my superstar....." she captioned the post.

I love seeing Halle so happy!

“Halle absolutely believes Van is the one for her,” an insider shared with *Us Weekly* back in February, adding they have a "great relationship" that could lead to marriage.

"[She] can see herself settling down with him."

The source continued, saying the 51-year-old singer, "really brings out the fun side of Halle."

They went on to explain Van is "creative and funny and constantly challenging Halle and making her laugh."

“Van is head over heels for Halle,” the insider concluded.

"It’s adorable to see how much he is infatuated with her."

I mean, can he blame him? Who isn't infatuated with the Halle Berry?

A new haircut *and* a loving man on her arm? We're loving this phase for Halle!

Fans on social media were also loving the cropped 'do and the baby bangs!

I think it's just perfect for the summertime!

What do you think of Halle's new haircut? Let us know in the comments below!