Fans Are Angry For The Oscars Being A Maskless Event While Cameras Are Rolling

Despite the viewers at home being told that the attendees at the 2021 Oscars have been tested and retested before the show, it's still jarring to see so many people gathered with proper PPE or social distancing amidst an ongoing pandemic.

Now, viewers are taking to Twitter to express their anger.

Many award shows over the past year have opted for virtual attendees in an effort to keep everyone safe amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, The Oscars were the first to not allow anyone to Zoom call in, leading to the biggest in-person award show in the past 14 months.

However, it quickly became shocking to viewers that no one was wearing a mask while seated at their tables.

While the first presenter, Regina King, assured fans at home that everyone had been tested and that most were vaccinated, it still upset a lot of people, who took to social media to express their concern.

"So the #Oscars is just promoting no social distancing & not wearing masks along w/congregating in crowds?...against CDC recommendations even if you’re fully vaccinated..." tweeted one viewer.

"Even the Grammys made everyone wear masks... But I guess being rich, famous & privileged makes you immune."

However, not every celebrity took their mask off.

Actress and beauty queen Zandaya was spotted rocking her coordinating mask while seated for the show.

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