Couple Got Married And Divorced 4 Times In 37 Days To Take Advantage Of Paid Leave

In most countries, both marriage and maternity leaves are often short lived as many workplaces expect people to return to work very soon.

Which is exactly why one Taiwanese couple decided to take advantage of their country's system by getting married and divorced four times in the span of 37 days in order to secure extra paid leave for themselves.

Now, that's some strategy.

This couple cooked up a plan for 32 vacation days.

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As Insider reported, the unnamed couple first said "I do" in April 2020, and then decided they really weren't interested in having a short honeymoon to celebrate their nuptials.

Taiwan's labor laws have a strict 8-day limit for marriage leave, and that simply wasn't long enough for these newlyweds. It was time to work the system.

Thus, the married-divorced dance began.

The couple was first married on April 6, 2020 but then divorced on April 16. They tied the knot once more on the 17th and filed for a second divorce on April 28.

This dance carried on with yet another marriage on April 29, a divorce on May 11, and then one more marriage that took place on May 12.

They finished up this elaborate loophole dance as a married couple with lots of extra vacation time — 32 days of it, to be exact.

The Taipei authorities did not like this at all.

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The Taiwanese labor bureau was not too fond of having a couple exploit a loophole in their regulations, so they are currently reexamining the marital leave policies.

Even the bank was displeased after denying the husband's leave request and then receiving a fine after he reported them to the Taipei city labor department. It seems that the couple has built quite the unfavorable reputation.

We can only hope it was worth all that trouble.

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We imagine this couple must have had some grand honeymoon plans to risk so much for just some extra getaway days. Regardless of the reason, there's hardly any denying the intricate planning that they put into their on-again, off-again loophole scheme.

Let us know what you think of this scandalous story in the comments and if you think this couple came up with a clever loophole.

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