Man 3D-Prints Fabulously Tiny Hats For His Backyard Squirrel Friends

In the midst of the pandemic, most people had to postpone making new friends in person. It was no longer safe to visit social venues and lockdown rules had many people spending their days indoors.

However, one man not only discovered how to make new friends in person during the pandemic without ever leaving his house, but he also went to the trouble of making them fancy, miniature hats.

His new squirrel friends were dressed to impress for some fun furry photoshoots.

Squirrels are often seen as nuisances.

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Some might say that squirrels get a bad rap for being pests that no one wants around.

It's true that they sometimes beg for food and even dig in the garbage like vermin, but they're also pretty cute.

People even have pet squirrels.

There are some people who find squirrels so charming that they decide that they just can't resist taking one home to be their new beloved pet.

Others have formed entire social groups dedicated to feeding squirrels and preserving them. What we're trying to say is, the squirrel love is real.

One man had been a friend to the squirrels for years.

As Insider reported, Hisham Othman, nicknamed Sham, lives in Washington-state and has been befriending squirrels since 2019.

However, it wasn't until the pandemic broke out in 2020 that he decided to add a bit of style to his furry friends.

Othman wanted to bond with the squirrels near his home.

This father-of-two was looking for a way to pass the time during lockdown, so he began bonding with a squirrel that he nicknamed Sandy and another one dubbed Ms. Winky.

He noticed his children's toy hats lying around one day and got a funny idea.

As the squirrels became more comfortable with Othman and his family, he and his wife thought it would be fun to see if Sandy and Ms. Winky wanted to try on some hats.

It started with their kid's toy hats, but eventually Othman came up with something even more clever.

He began 3D-printing squirrel hats.

Othman assemble his new squirrel hats and accessories with his 3D printer. He created whimsical hats like the iconic Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat hat, Mickey Mouse ears, and more.

The squirrels were natural models.

It would seem that the squirrels not only didn't mind their new hats but they also enjoyed the assortment of snacks they were paid for their modeling work.

Each picture brings people joy.

Taking the pictures helped Orthman and his family through lockdown, along with so many others. People who follow his Instagram page looked forward to the new hats and adorable poses that would go up.

It's safe to say, these squirrels are pretty iconic.

The squirrels are likely in hibernation now.

Although Sandy and Ms. Winky haven't been seen for some time, Orthman and his family hope they'll come back during the summer months for some more hat-related fun. They also aim to make some more squirrel friends for new photoshoots.

Let us know what you think of these adorable squirrel hat photoshoots in the comments and if you'll try recruiting your own little furry friends for a modeling gig.

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