Woman Creates Her Own 'Pioneer Woman' Jars Using Old Pickle Jars

Fans of Ann Marie Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman, are a passionate bunch. They live for her recipes, tune in eagerly to her show, and absolutely love her sense of style.

One fan decided to take her love for the Pioneer Woman's new cookware line and DIY herself her own PW-inspired cookware! Let's check it out.

The "Pioneer Woman" has her own line at Walmart.

The prices range from $8 to $40, with most items coming in at around $25. Those aren't bad prices, but not everyone has the disposable income to throw at the collection!

Enter Brandi Barger.

Unsplash | Elena Kloppenburg

She's an EMT, Pioneer Woman fan, and a pretty damn crafty person. When she saw the new line at Walmart, she knew she wanted it — but didn't want to break the bank for it.

So she turned to a trusty fridge mainstay: the classic pickle jar.

Who among us doesn't have a half-full pickle jar in their fridge? Brandi decided to put hers to good use like the crafty queen she is. She cleaned it out and got it work.

Needless to say, they came out amazing!

Brandi has some serious talent! Her flowers look like flowers you'd find on a fine art canvas, not a pickle jar! I love the highlights in the petals.

Each jar has its own theme.

The jars were all done to match Brandi's decor. She has a great eye for complimentary colors, and the flowers stand out beautifully against their bright backdrops!

She posted her DIY to Facebook, and it promptly went viral.

"So i know all you have heard of "Pioneer Woman" kitchen stuff.........I want to introduce "Poor Woman" repurposed pickle jar lolololololololol," she wrote in the post.

People absolutely loved her art, and her attitude!

In fact, people wanted her to make them some!

Quite a few people expressed interest in Brandi making them some jars for their homes!

"Oh, girl, I have the jar and everything! I need you to do this for me!" one commenter wrote.

Brandi wound up taking orders for jars!

Her jars proved so popular that she took orders from friends and family to make them some, too. At $10 each, those jars were a total steal!

So, would you try this DIY?

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

I think it would be a super fun way to reuse some old jars! You don't have to stick with the pioneer theme, either — you can do any design you want!