Natty Light Turned Its Fruit-Flavored Beer Into Boozy Ice Pops For Summer

With summer just around the corner, everyone is looking for the next best treat for those hot days and BBQs. Everyone wants to mix a popsicle and a drink — it's the perfect combo. Who doesn't want a little boozy snack?

Natty Light already came out with a fruity and boozy beverage.

Natty Light, known for their light beer, recently released "Naturdays," a beer that comes in fruity flavors everyone will enjoy.

Now, they've come up with another genius idea.

Natty Light has combined their fruity beverage with the fun, summertime favorite snack of an ice pop for Naturdays Pops, which have an 8% ABV.

The pops come in a 12-pack.

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The same way you would grab a 12-pack of beers, you can grab a 12-pack of the ice pops and get the same experience, just frozen! The box includes two flavors: strawberry lemonade and pineapple lemonade. Yum!

And, if you want to try the beer first, you can!

Natty Light sells the beers in 12-packs and 30-packs, in case you want to try the beer before the ice pops. Sounds like fun in the sun to me!