17+ People Who Definitely Agreed To Lie For Us

This world is full to the brim with devious people who not only lie, but lie about lying, and even lie to people about lying to cover other lies! It can all get very confusing.

And so, with this web of deceit in mind, here are 18+ people who agreed to lie for us...or did they? Dun, dun, duuuunnnnn!

Keep It Quiet!

Nothing quite like pulling your car over on a long drive for a taste of some home-brewed mystery moonshine!

"I'm so done with fake fake watches. So glad I found this shop!"

These guys will absolutely keep your secret that your "Rolax" or your "Pretend Philipe" is 100% real!


The fact that they have tried to claim that it "looks good in a cabinet" is one of the most barefaced lies I've heard in recent years.

"Ticking time bomb."

I mean this is just ridiculous. You would have thought that they could afford to put two fans on this job at least!


The people who are advertising these chairs clearly aren't the best liars! They could have at least put them at opposite ends of the store!

"My daughter called me a liar when I told her this was a phone!?

Sure, you might not be able to get Instagram on it but let's see an iPhone pull you out of the Matrix!

"For shame LinkedIn, for shame!"

Other people similarly effected include Pastor Whatchadoing Withmyinfo and Professor Stopbein Ashadybitch.

Thanks For The Heads Up!

"Hey, so we're going to hide behind your sign to try and catch speeders if that's okay?"

"Sure, we definitely won't advertise that you're there."

"Well that is very good to know! How lovely!"

"What a Thrift Store should be..."

Whoever put that sign up is definitely not getting paid enough. Also, be wary of anyone farting in this shop.

"Google says cats don't like ice cream. Google lies."

Right, I think that everyone will agree that the strangest thing here is that this person is eating ice-cream with a fork!

"Best fake ID ever."

I wish that every measurement would be told in coconuts. Weight, height, distance, time, you name it!

"Don't tell Mom."

Something tells me that this might have been the product of some quite bored children in the store! Call it intuition.

I Smell A Rat!

They look like the sorts of shoes that gnomes or elves would wear to a fancy ball!

"Hate when that happens."

"Also, the fourteenth floor is now the ground floor and the second floor is the basement."


"Because screw you, that's why."

"The guys at my work don't mess around!"

It's always interesting when someone tries to suddenly change their image. I wonder if this worked for these "dangerous" men?

Is That So?

I feel like the little faces on the pretzels are mocking me, saying, "Yep, that's right we're right here but you can't have one!"

"Sign at my local motorcycle shop..."

"So, you're telling me that this Harley was $10.99?"


"I don't believe you."

"Google said to turn on No Name Street. They didn't lie."

The person whose job it was to name this town's streets was really phoning it in with this one!

Soap Opera Prop Perfection!

"Is there anything that Scotch Brite can't do? Clearly not!"

"Doctor, he's dead and all you can think about is plugging Scotch Brite?!"

"Come now nurse, don't cry, dry your tears with the soft fabric of Scotch Brite..."

"Never skip arm day."

Christ, what is up with that guy in the yellow? He looks like a nightmare version of Spongebob!

"Muscles so good they ruin your closet!"

God, I wish that I was so jacked that I could alter the fabric of reality like this guy! He must be on one hell of a workout routine!

"What, your elbow isn't a perfectly sharp right angle?"

I wouldn't fancy getting an elbow off her in a fight. That could cut right through a person like a hot knife through butter!

"A year ago I started sending my GF these photos whenever she asked if the baby was ok."

If you aren't teaching your baby how to operate a saw independently then you aren't doing parenting right!

"Whose body did you paste your face on...?"

This one is actually quite hard to look at for a long period of time, as it feels as though she is crawling into my brain through my eyes.

"Don't ask what the secret sauce is!"

"So, Dave, what do they taste like?"


"Seriously, what do they taste like."

"Seriously... Crap."

"All for a little bit of clout..."

Traffic is too annoying to even joke about. How could you be so flippant about traffic?!

"Why go to the gym when you can just photoshop abs on yourself."

Wait, so this is an option? Great news! Now I can finally cancel that gym membership that I'm never going to use.

"Someone did a poor job levelling this floor."

She might be able to sing fairly well, but she cannot photoshop an image to save her life!

"The reflection says her hips *do* lie."

Even without the reflection there to drop her in it, this is a fairly terrible photoshopping job!

"I'm guessing she didn't notice her right arm..."

I mean, having organs is overrated anyway! Lungs and kidneys, who needs 'em?! They're for nerds!