15+ Real Things That Somehow Managed To Look Incredibly Fake

Not everything is what it appears to be. Heck, thanks to stuff like weird angles and weird lighting, it sometimes feels like the world is conspiring to mess with our heads.

Let's delve into some of the weirder real-world stuff we've seen.

Adjust your focus.

Reddit | gigsa0

Sometimes a repetitive pattern can give something the appearance of being blurry even if it's in focus. Just check out this eastern rosebud bush.

Believe it.

Reddit | LeKrispyKreme

These cartoonish backpacks look like they've been Photoshopped into the pic, but as the sign says, they're totally real.

Razor thin.

Reddit | TChoppa_Style

This is, in fact, a real building in New Orleans. I can't tell you why it looks like a bad 2D render, though.

Never skip leg day.

Reddit | eelannalee

This gives the appearance of someone who cares very much about his legs, but doesn't put the same effort into his upper body.

Dog daughter.

Reddit | seinfeldlife

I'd imagine this might give a parent an initial shock, but that shock would turn to "aww" pretty darn quickly.

Addams Family vibes.

Reddit | dgadirector

I'm assuming there's someone behind the couch, but I'm not ruling out the possibility of this family living with a disembodied hand.

Stonks guy.

Reddit | Teerendog

This looks kind of like something I'd draw in high school art class. Like, you can tell what it's supposed to be, but everything else is way off.


Reddit | ashley_mara

If you focus on the person on the middle, you can see what's going on with this rice field. At first glance, though, it's just plain trippy.

A giant among men.

It seems kind of unfair that they'd let a 14-foot-tall golfer compete with the rest of the more modestly-sized competitors.

Schrodinger's cat in real life.

Reddit | Luxnoctiss

Well, not really. But this pic, in which a cat appears to be in a box, does not actually show a cat in a box.

Choose your fighter.

Reddit | wierdcactus

This tarmac photo looks like a toddler arranged all of their favorite toys on the sidewalk to impress their grandparents.


Reddit | pantaballoones

On one hand, those look like some seriously rugged treads. On the other hand, they're literally weak-ass plastic keycaps.

Wake up!

Reddit | nealynealster

This guy's never lonely, because he constantly carries around a backpack that looks exactly like someone who's passed out on the table.


Reddit | parakeetpoop

If Abraham Lincoln had a washer and dryer in the log cabin where he was born, this is definitely what they'd look like.

Looks cold.

Reddit | Liamers

I could swear this pic showed a raft full of people in front of foreboding, icy mountains. But it's just a frozen windshield.

What is it?

Reddit | Jthundercleese

I thought this was a watermelon or something, but it's just compressed grass from the interior of a weed whacker.

Two heads are better than one.

Reddit | jeebandarthur

This baby bjorn blends itself into the surrounding garment a little too thoroughly for my comfort.

Bean texture loaded.

Reddit | CannedBeaner

Light diffraction, apparently, is the reason that this dish of beans looks like a 2D texture from a video game.