More People Share Stories About Celebrities Before They Were Famous

Celebrity news and gossip rule the mainstream media. Nowadays, you can't even walk through the grocery store without seeing celebrity faces plastered on the cover of magazines.

But what were they doing before they were famous? What were they like; how did they behave? Find out for yourself as more people share stories about celebrities before they were famous.

Mark Ruffalo was bitten by the acting bug from a very early age.

An old high school classmate of Mark's remembers him as a huge drama nerd (in the best way imaginable).

The Avengers' star also used to belong to the student improv group.

Joe Keery has always been a dream boat.

Fans of the breakout Netflix series Stranger Things will no doubt recognize Joe as Steve Harrington.

According to reports from this Reddit user, Joe was her boyfriend's roommate in college. Apparently, he really is an incredibly awesome guy to hang around with.

Robert Pattinson has a weird side to him.

This Reddit user claims to have first met Robert Pattinson a little more than 15 years ago.

They state that Robert was prone to violent and dark outbursts and that he was completely and utterly obsessed with Jack Nicholson.

Pete Davidson used to get bullied on the basketball court.

Long before he was The King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson was just an awkward kid looking to be included in a game of pickup basketball.

The kids used to tease him constantly, mostly because of how terrible Pete's b-ball skills were.

James Cameron is a true road warrior.

James Cameron is the man responsible for classics like The Terminator and Titanic. Before that, James was a long-haul trucker on the open road.

Apparently, he was incredibly adept when it came to fixing a broken engine on the fly.

Chris Pratt played an elaborate prank on his teacher involving a piece of the Berlin Wall.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star told his teacher that his older brother was currently in Germany and that he could get him to bring home a piece of the Berlin Wall as a souvenir.

Chris then proceeded to spray-paint a piece of random cinderblock and successfully passed it off as the real thing.

Tom hanks still keeps in touch with his high school prom date.

In true Tom Hank's fashion, he types out a stylized birthday greeting card from one of his many typewriters every year, without exception.

Can you imagine receiving the personal stationery of Tom Hanks on your birthday? I'd die.

Megan Fox has always been a bit of an introvert.

This Reddit user remembers riding the bus to school with a young Megan Fox. Even back then, Megan was beating the boys away with a stick.

Despite all of this, she mostly chose to keep to herself.

Michael Shannon is a fantastic tenant

The star of The Shape of Water rented the top floor from this Reddit user's family.

He remembers Michael as being a sweet and humble person, who apparently hasn't change a bit, despite all the fame.

Ed Sheeran was alleged a big pot head in high school.

According to claims made by Reddit user lizziexo, Ed was an uninspired student and would constantly skip class to go and smoke weed with his friends in the parking lot.

Bruce Willis has always been a complete [expletive.]

It would appear that Bruce Willis' infamous reputation has preceded him since he was a young man.

This Redditor's father claims to have belonged to the same group of friends. He says that Willis drove a muscle car and was just a complete ass to everyone around him.

Kesha is a closet genius.

If the claims from this Reddit user are to be taken seriously, Kesha scored 1600 on her SATs — that's a perfect score!

They go on to talk about how the pop star was a social outcast who only had the best intentions for everyone.

Jack Nicholson was decent student.

This Reddit user's grandfather taught the legendary actor in high school.

The way he remembers it, Jack had a strong rebellious spirit but would always show up on time to math class.

Post Malone used to show up to high school every day wearing a suit.

Post Malone deserves a lot of respect. I can't even begin to imagine the kind of confidence and dedication this would've required.

If I had ever shown up to school wearing a suit — I would've been shoved into my locker.

Will Smith showed an old high school friend the pilot episode of *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air* before it aired!

Can you imagine being one of the first people to lay eyes on arguably one of the greatest sitcoms of the last 30 years? I get goosebumps just thinking about it.