Mayim Bialik Opens Up On The Possibility Of A 'Big Bang Theory' Reboot

The Big Bang Theory ended two years ago, but there is already talk about a potential reboot.

If that happens, there's one person who may already be on board: Mayim Bialik. Fans of the show will know that the real-life neuroscientist played Amy Farrah Fowler on the show for eight seasons.

Keep reading to see what she had to say about bringing the character to life again.

Mayim Bialik has always been open with her struggles over *The Big Bang Theory* ending.


While she's dealt with this before — she starred on Blossom for five seasons before it closed the curtains in 1995 — this one hurt bad.

She once admitted that she wasn't happy over the show ending after 12 seasons.

"This is hard. I love coming to work and pretending to be Amy," she wrote on her website, Grok Nation.

"She's a riot. She's me, and I am her. And soon she will not be mine to create," she continued.

She also feared that it would "be very hard not to cry every day for the next 23 episodes."

Thankfully, Bialik has been able to distract herself from all the sadness with all the new projects she's got going on.


This largely includes her new show on FOX called Call Me Kat.

The purr-fect sitcom is about a single woman who decides to switch careers at 39 and open her own cat cafe.

She even got to reunite with her *Big Bang Theory* co-star, Jim Parsons, who produces the show.

She told Diply in December 2020 that she couldn't be happier to work with Jim.

She also said that she'd love to work with her other former co-stars again.

"This is really our project that we get to work on together, but I miss all of my old friends, and I would love to get to work with them," she told Diply.

Another project that Mayim has been working on lately is guest-hosting on Jeopardy.

She's filling in until the show finds a permanent host to replace the late Alex Trebek.

Even though she's extremely well-suited for the role (she's a neuroscientist, author, and podcast host), she recently talked about her nervousness to *People*.

"There's a lot of responsibility that falls on the host," she said. "I think also there's a lot of iconic pressure."

"When I was looking over some of the scripts, I was thinking, how would Alex [Trebek] say this?" she continued.

The longtime Jeopardy host sadly passed away from cancer in November 2020 after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

"And that's probably not who I'm expected to be, Alex Trebek, but in my head, I am Alex Trebek — that's who I want to be," Mayim continued.

Even with all this going on, *The Big Bang Theory* is never too far away from her thoughts.

Recently, she spoke to HollywoodLife and shared her thoughts on a potential reboot.

She began by saying that it's a bit hard to think about since they just wrapped up the show in 2019.

She didn't, however, shoot down the idea of a reboot, either.


“I’m a happy Warner Brothers employee, I have a production company there. Anything more Warner Bros. would like, I’m pretty much available. So, don’t have to ask me twice!”

Sounds like a yes to us!

As it turns out, Mayim isn't the only former *Big Bang Theory* co-star to be onboard.

When Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny on the series, spoke to FOX, she said that she's be down for anything showrunner Chuck Lorre does. "I would do anything for Chuck,” Cuoco said.

Even when the show first announced it was ending, she was the one spearheading the campaign for a reboot.

"Everyone's doing rebooting. We might as well do it in, like, a year. I'm fine with that!" she told Entertainment Tonight.

Now that at least two of the former cast members are on board, we'll have to wait and see if a reboot happens!

H/T: HollywoodLife