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TikTokers Came Up With Clever Light Fixtures By Using $15 Ikea Wicker Baskets

TikTok is so much more than dancing and famous users like Dixie and Carli D Amelio.

It's also a place to learn new hacks and tips on applicable things, such as beauty, dating, money, and so much more.

Take this next decor hack, for example. TikTok users are showing people how to mimic expensive lighting using $15 wicker baskets from Ikea!

Thanks to the magic that is TikTok, we've been introduced to so many decor hacks to transform our homes.

Like this user who found an interesting use for those old candle jars.

Instead of throwing it out, @rinsette cleaned the jar with boiling water and added moss, dirt, and stones to create a mini indoor terrarium.

Or this person who found the perfect use for that leftover paint.

TikTok user @tiktokeydoc used paint streaks to create the illusion of wallpaper.

The hack is simple: you just paint small brush strokes all over the entire wall. Sure, it's time-consuming but totally worth it once you see these results!

This next TikTok decor hack is clever AF.

TikTokers like @sharee.designs and @nikki.kole have been sharing how to mimic expensive wicker lighting using decorative handing lamps from Ikea.

The real thing usually costs hundreds of dollars from upscale furniture stores.

Recently, Kristen McGowan, an interior designer, put this DIY project to the test.

After doing so, she spoke to Insider and said that it's quickly become one of her favorite Ikea hacks.

"It's a really fun one, and it doesn't take long at all to do," McGowan said.

Here's what you'll need to create your own light fixture: an Ikea basket, white paint, paintbrush, scissors, and ceiling hooks.

For the wicker basket, she chose Ikea's Fl├Ądis basket, which only cost $15. She got her pendant light from there, too, for $10. The other items you probably already have around the house.

Once you've got all your materials, cut off the handles of the basket and cut a hole in the center of the bottom.

Unsplash | lucas mendes

You can leave your basket as is or paint half of it white like McGowan did.

Either way, once it's dry, pull the pendant light through the bottom of the basket.

You can either drill hooks into the ceiling to hold the light or use a command hook (this is renter-friendly).

Hang your fixture, plug in the light, and ta-da! You're all done!

Since this hack was so easy, McGowan even decided to try another Ikea lighting hack.

For this next one, she wrapped twine around an Ikea glass lampshade and added pompoms onto it for a fun flair.

Using all the same steps as before, she removed the handles, cut a hole in the bottom, and looped the pendant light through the bottom before hanging it. So simple!

With a hack as easy and boho-chic as this, it's only a matter of time before it becomes the next hottest decor trend.

What do you think of this Ikea hack? Will you be giving it a try? If so, check out the tutorial from Kristen below!