Upcycle An Old Bike Into A Whimsical Garden Planter

I think everyone should do what they can to recycle and reuse old items. That way, we can reduce waste and beautify our surroundings.

One cool way to bring something unique into your yard or garden is by transforming an old bike. Did you know folks are turning their broken bikes into the sweetest planters? Oh, yes, and so can you.

As we speak, I have a few broken bikes in our garage.

Unsplash | Ali Tawfiq

I was just going to sell them for spare parts or take them to scrap. But now that I see this neat idea, I might actually rethink that.

Instead of getting rid of those bikes, why not turn them into a beautiful planter, huh?

I have to say I'm starting to like that idea. I can already think of an area where I can place such a bike planter.

We have a nice grassy area near our garage, where I think this bike planter would fit really well.

So I might actually embark on this creative idea and makeover one, especially if I can make mine look as pretty as this.

How about if you had a decorative-looking bike like this one?

That just screams planter to me, ha, ha! What a neat-looking bike, huh? I absolutely love this idea here. It fits perfectly on the porch and is such a great decorative piece.

Someone actually flipped their old bike up like this, so it looks even more fun.

Ha, ha, I'm totally digging this idea here, too! I guess, if you do that, you have to make sure you secure the bike to the wall.

If you're a girly girl, I bet you'll love this idea for a pink bike planter.

I think it fits so well with pretty pink flowers like these. The more I look at this kind of planter, the more the idea is growing on me.

I don't know where folks are getting these funky-looking bikes, but I want one.

It looks so cool as a flower planter, no? I love the fact that you can fit multiple flower pots in different spots on this particular bike here.

Here's something I can totally envision in our backyard.

That settles it, I'm going to turn those old bikes in the garage into funky flower planters. I can have a few versions with different colors. I can see a blue one, a red one, and a pink one.

If you were looking for something unique to add to your garden decor, this might be it, no?

Unsplash | Martin Kníže

I'm so impressed by this cool yet super easy idea. I also love the fact that you get to upcycle an item and turn it into something spectacular.