LeVar Burton Is Finally Going To Guest Host 'Jeopardy!'

There are some massive shoes to fill when it comes to hosting Jeopardy! Not only is the show itself pretty much an institution that millions of us watch every day, it was hosted for decades by a beloved figure who was the perfect fit for the job.

Lots of fans have ideas about who should take up the mantle next, and one idea is coming to fruition.

Alex Trebek was the host of Jeopardy! for 37 years until his passing in 2020.

Since then, the show has created a roster of guest hosts to take over and fill his place temporarily, including Aaron Rodgers, Katie Couric, Mayim Bialik, Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, and lots more.

One name that was recently added to the list was one that fans had been clamoring for.

Fans have been incredibly passionate about the idea that LeVar Burton should host the show following Alex's passing.

LeVar is no stranger to hosting, having helmed Reading Rainbow for 21 years, and he's a familiar face as well as appearing on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Roots, and more over his career.

Fans even started a petition to get him the gig.

The petition earned over 200 thousand signatures!

"LeVar Burton has inspired and shaped the minds of several generations of trivia-loving nerds. This petition is to show Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. and producers Mike Richards and Harry Friedman just how much love the public has for Burton, and how much we'd all love to see him as the next host," reads the petition.

LeVar himself shared the petition to his Twitter page.

“Leaving this here in the event that the powers that be are listening,” he wrote alongside the link to the petition.

Someone MUST have been listening, because Jeopardy! just announced the final group of guest hosts to close out the season, and LeVar is one of them!

LeVar celebrated the news on his Twitter.

"THANK YOU... to all y’all for your passionate support! I am overjoyed, excited, and eager to be guest-hosting Jeopardy!, and will do my utmost best to live up to your faith you in me. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE! Go ahead and take my word for it, this time," he shared.

Are you excited to see LeVar try out the gig? Let us know in the comments below!