Jana Kramer Announces Split From Husband Amidst Cheating Rumors: 'I Just Can't Fight Any Longer'

One Tree Hill star and country singer Jana Kramer has been open with fans about her husband, Mike Caussin's, sex addiction since 2019. The couple hasn't been shy and shared the highs and lows of Mike's addiction in a series of tell-all interviews as well as on their podcast, Whine Down.

Now, after six years of marriage, Jana has announced she's splitting from Mike.

As fans may recall, Jana and Mike's tied the knot back in 2015.

Jana first learned of her husband's numerous affairs when she was pregnant with their first child, daughter Jolie.

The couple decided to work through their issues after a brief separation while Mike attended a rehabilitation program.

Now, after years of battling Mike's sex addiction, Jana is announcing the pair's decision to divorce.

"'It's time.' As I try to make sense of a reality I never wanted to believe could be possible again, those words have now become a reality," the 37-year-old wrote on Instagram Wednesday night.

"I've fought y'all. I've loved hard. I've forgiven. I've put the work in. I've given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give."

"Please know that I still believe wholeheartedly in marriage, love, and rebuilding. I just can't fight any longer. It's time to heal."

She concluded:

"Thank you for all the love, heart, and support, in many ways you have fought on this journey alongside me, and for that I am grateful. I'll always encourage you to continue the good fight, but you can't fight it alone."

The news of the split comes seven months after the couple released their book "The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully."

The book focused on the pair strengthening their marriage after the former football player sought treatment for his sex addiction.

Recently, rumors have been swirling about Mike's repeated infidelity.

A source close to the couple told People magazine that the pair's split comes after Mike continued to break his commitments to Jana.

"He cheated and broke her trust again," the source told the publication.

"After fighting for the marriage for so long, she's come to terms with the realization that his patterns were never going to change."

"The focus now is on their kids," they added, referring to the couple's two children 5-year-old Jolie Rae and 2-year-old Jace Joseph.

An additional source spoke with Us Weekly and claimed that Jana thought "everything was fine" in her relationship — until she "uncovered a recent infidelity" that triggered her to flip a switch.

"Jana’s final straw came when she uncovered once again that [Mike] had cheated on her,” the source added.

"She didn’t know behind the scenes that he was continuously lying and cheating on her, despite the pair going "to couple’s counseling every week” and "actively working on their relationship" ahead of their split.

“It was the exact pattern that’s happened numerous times [before].”

However, this time was seemingly the final straw for the country singer. "That was the last time she could forgive him."

Fans have been sending messages of love and support to the 36-year-old, who has taken to social media to post inspirational qutoes.

We're hoping the pair are able to support their children during this difficult time!