17+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘The Truth Hurts’

We all like to think that honesty is a great character trait regardless of the context. However, sometimes the truth can come in very blunt and cruel forms!

So, from clothing labels that were far too harsh to individuals who were really mean about oranges, here are 15+ moments that made us go, "That's mean, but true!"

That's Unnecessary!

Look, technically they're not wrong, but it's the implication that is a bit bloody mean guys!

"Friend broke his leg in a dirt bike accident this weekend. Pharmacist has no chill."

In my experience of riding bikes, keeping both tires on the ground really does help. Just a pro tip for you there.

"Dear Brussels sprouts. You taste like a fart smells. It's a crime how nutritious you are.... just another one of mother nature's cruel jokes!"

I am going to say it right now, I don't think that sprouts taste that bad! Although, that might be because I cook them with bacon, so maybe it's the bacon I like.

"I mean technically, I'm having a movement."

You really need to start doing more exercise if your Apple Watch is this excited about you simply having a poop. Seriously guy, go for a walk sometime.

"At least they are honest..."

I think that this would have made a great Tinder bio for when I was on that bloody chaotic app.

They're Not Wrong!

As far as unfortunate license plates go, this one is pretty bad! Unless they chose it willingly...for whatever reason?!

"Got called out by deli cheese!"

Wow, this person really has thin skin to be so easily wound up by a block of cheese! Just ignore the cheese my guy!

"I mean, it's not wrong..."

Well, now I just want to know the other forty garlic secrets that I have been missing out on enjoying!

"The universal pandemic experience: eating garbage and falling asleep on the nearest comfortable thing."

I do not like the implication that I may have become more like a hog over the last year, but the evidence is undeniable.

"I've never seen a hotel pool sign so blunt before."

I know that it might seem unfair to those suffering from diarrhoea, but it's preferable to the alternative.

"I feel personally attacked by that beer soap."

I wonder how many people complain about the one in the middle? I can picture exactly the kind of person who would complain as well.

"I was driving behind a hearse today with a chillingly appropriate license plate."

One thing that will definitely speed up this process is taking pictures of the car in front while driving as well!

"Kids are unbearably honest."

As a few other people also pointed out, being ranked second kind of means more if you think about it. This kid hasn't just said "You're the best!" No, they've sat down and ranked all the teachers out and you came second, which isn't bad!

"Brutally honest."

You're meant to be roasting the pizzas, the pizzas aren't meant to be roasting you! The natural order of things has clearly been reversed here.

If Nothing Else, He's Safe And Self-Aware!

I need to get one of these for...well, okay, it's for me. Don't judge me for wanting to be true to me!

No Need For That!

I don't think that I have ever felt more emotionally attacked than I have been by this sign.

"The local mart calling out thieves. BANNED!"

I can understand why they got angry with a lot of these guys, but lighting a lighter without buying doesn't seem like too bad of a crime!

"Today I saw ugly oranges being sold as ugly oranges."

It is what is on the inside that counts guys! Even oranges have feelings too...probably.

"At least the landlord is telling it how it is..."

"So, you're sure you want to name the apartments after your surname?"

"Of course!"

"Mr Crapi, I am strongly advising you to reconsider that decision."

"Finally a truthful fortune cookie."

And that is why you always take your leftovers home with you! Nothing like eating leftovers as soon as you get home from a meal. No wonder my heart hates me.