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Teacher Has Walked 900 Miles And Delivered Over 15,000 Free Lunches To Students

When the pandemic began, many families that relied on free or reduced cost lunches faced challenges. Suddenly, food insecurity became even more prevalent for those families in need.

Fortunately for families in the United Kingdom, one generous and kindhearted teacher quite literally stepped up to deliver over 15,000 free lunches to students right when it mattered most.

Zane Powles is a teacher determined provide for students.

Powles, a teacher at Western Primary School in Grimsby, England was concerned that the students in need of lunches weren't being served during lockdown, so he mapped out where they lived.

AS Good Morning America reported, he discovered there were 78 students that needed lunches and decided to do something about it.

Every day since March 2020, he's personally walked to each student's house to deliver hand-packed lunches.

Each day, the school staff prepares lunches for the students and Powles walks 5 to 7 miles with lunch bags strapped to his body and delivers the lunches door to door.

He brings students sandwiches, fruit, chips, and occasionally homework.

In one year, he's walked over 900 miles.

Powles is happy to to care for each student.

When lockdown orders were enforced, many families were afraid to leave their homes, even to go get lunches from the school. So, Powles decided to bring the lunches to the students.

While this one-man walking machine works hard to bring students food, it's all worth it when he sees them smile.

Sadly, the need for meals continues to increase.

He began by carrying many bags of food but eventually had to start dragging a red wagon to help him transport the now-120 meals that were once only about 85 meals needed.

His story of leadership and love is an example of how communities need to rally together to fight food insecurity once and for all.

Let us know what you think of Powles' delivering lunches to families in need in the comments and if you feel inspired to help your community in the same way.

h/t: Good Morning America