Gather Your Pals And Rent A 'Friends' Airbnb For The Ultimate BFF Getaway

So you never thought life was gonna be this way, huh?

Themed Airbnbs are on the rise. From Hogwarts to Godric's Hollow, a lot of Airbnb hosts have the whole Harry Potter universe covered.

But what about the reset of the pop culture landscape? Never fear, one Airbnb has it covered.

Welcome to Hotel Monica!

How incredible is this? Done by Jay on Airbnb and located in Beverly Hills, this apartment is quite literally one of a kind...if you don't count the original sets from Friends, of course.

It's chock full of pieces and moments from the show.

It looks like they even shade matched the color of Monica's door! The empty frame around the peep hole is a classic — even I have one, if we're being honest here.

The studio apartment sleeps two.

Peep the bed in that little alcove there! I really like that it's tucked away like that, it gives a sense of separation in the room. Let's head inside that bedroom, shall we?

Sleep easy while the six watch over you.

Not only does this little alcove feature more iconic items from Monica's apartment, it also features a full decal over the bed. Bet you've never seen that before.

Alright, time to explore the rest of the apartment.

This is exactly what I wanted out of the bathroom, actually. Imagine taking a bubble bath in that tub while watching an episode of Friends. Talk about surreal.

They got every detail right in the kitchen.

Notice the set of beige cabinets, just like in Monica's kitchen! There's even a fruit-themed towel, Monica's homemade pickle container, and a kettle that looks just like the original!

There's lots of fun clues hidden around the apartment, too.

"The original script to the pilot episode so you can act out scenes on this set replica. There’s never before seen dialogue that never made it to the final taping! A fan favorite!"

Oh, and of course it has a foosball table.

No Friends themed anything would be complete without Chandler and Joey's foosball table, let's be real. Here's hoping that a baby chick doesn't get stuck in it!

So, what do you think?

Would you stay in the heart of Beverly Hills in a Friends themed apartment? If you're up for it, head over to Airbnb and book yourself Chandler would describe as "perfection"!