Hang Up A Banana For The Butterflies With Help From A Unique Feeder

One thing I always look forward to in the spring and summer is the arrival of butterflies. There is something magical and special about these species. I can't be alone in thinking that, huh?

So if you're also a huge fan of butterflies, I have a brilliant idea for you. There is a clever way you can attract beautiful butterflies to your garden this season. Check it out.

Ever since I was a child, I always loved butterflies.

Unsplash | David Clode

I find watching them flutter around so soothing and calming. They also remind me of my childhood, so I always get happy and giddy when I see them. I hope you don't think that's weird, ha, ha!

What if I told you that you could attract more butterflies to your garden?

Unsplash | Justin DoCanto

Would that be of interest to you? I bet! Well, first thing first. Did you know that monarch butterflies love bananas? I actually had no idea.

Monarch butterflies like to feed on the sweet flesh of bananas.

Unsplash | Sean Stratton

In fact, the sweeter the, better, which is great news for you. Why? Because now you can get rid of those overripe bananas that you don't want to eat.

Instead, you can hang up a ripe banana outside in your garden.

You can do so easily using this unique feeder I stumbled upon on Etsy. Oh my goodness, how cute is that? I have to admit I really love this idea.

Let's take a closer look at this neat banana feeder.

This cool-looking feeder is made out of 100% copper wiring and some pretty decorative beads. The Etsy seller offers a wide variety of bead colors you can choose from to fit the style of your garden.

You can hang it up in a secluded area like this one.

Don't worry I'm, sure the clever butterflies will have no trouble finding it. The sweet smell of a ripe banana will attract them in no time, and that's for sure.

Here somebody placed their banana feeder near some flowers.

This strategy will ensure that you get even more butterflies. As we all know, butterflies are attracted to flowers. They feed on the nectar from both flowers and fruits. What a great set-up, huh?

You can also use a plantain instead of a regular banana as they're even sweeter.

I bet the butterflies will appreciate a yummy snack like this one, huh? I have to admit I've never seen an idea like this one before.

What's the verdict here?

Is this "yay" or "nay" for your garden? I think this is such a great idea to give purpose to old fruit that you would have otherwise thrown away. And you get to feed and see beautiful butterflies in your garden.