A Mom Renovated Her Family's RV Into A Stunning Tiny Home

If you're looking for a new design project that gets you revved up, look no further than this RV transformation.

Libby Behrens has been living on the road with her husband, Spencer, and son, Axel.

After desiring a homey feel to their home on wheels, Libby became a mom on a mission by getting right to work on the renovations.

The end results are absolutely STUNNING.

The Behrens are one of the millions of people living in an RV in America.

They've been doing so for over a decade.

According to the Washington Post, couples who hit the open road in lieu of a house say that it has made them happier and even improved their marriages.

For this couple, having their son didn't shake their nomad lifestyle.

Instead of trading in their keys for a home, they bought a 36-foot RV.

Libby told Insider that she was able to renovate the tiny home with a "neutral aesthetic where functionality and simplicity are key."

"Our tiny home is the epitome of less is more," she said.

"Just show your personality, and your space will be instantly transformed."

You'll see exactly what she means as soon as you open the front door. There, you'll see that she used neutral colors to brighten up the space.

Libby proved that you can style up your RV just like a regular home by adding simplistic touches, like art on the wall.

She made the kitchen area look bigger by brightening up the space with a light splash of paint.

She also added stools to the island for functionality.

Right next to the kitchen, she got rid of the stocky black couches and replaced the dining area with a day bed.

This serves a dual purpose. It can be used as a couch or as a bed for guests to sleep on.

"The main living space can be equally a place where we can hang out as a family and house guests," Libby said.

When it came to Axel's room, Libby said it was important to create a space that doubled as a playroom and sleeping area.

For this, she brightened up the walls and added a rug and storage cubes to home her son's toys and clothing.

She also added some safety features, such as a safety bar on his bed.

Who says you can't have a walk-in closet in an RV?

Libby made this happen by transforming the second bathroom into one. You can access this through Axel's bedroom.

For the upstairs bathroom, she made the most out of the small space by repainting the room and adding storage hooks.

For her and her husband's bedroom, she took out the dark cupboards above the bed and painted the area white.

Their bed maximizes space with the storage cubbies underneath.

She also replaced the headboard with creation of her own using bamboo. Libby told Insider that the headboard only cost $20.

This final renovation will blow your mind.

At the back of the rig, she converted the outdoor kitchen into a laundry room! So brilliant and pretty unheard of in RVs.

This final touch makes the RV seem more and more like a house. Who else wants to live here?!

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